Makeup helps us highlight our features, giving more life and color to the face. Therefore, even simple makeup can change the way others see us. However, when it comes to taking care of our skin and getting the best results, many of us turn to best professional makeup brandsbecause in addition to that, they help us achieve the desired effects and quality, accentuating our beauty and complementing our style.

Therefore, if you are a makeup lover, we invite you to discover below, which are, according to our criteria, the 10 best makeup brands that exist in the market:

1. L’Oreal: Our list of the best professional makeup brands starts with L’Oréal, ; which has been in the market for more than 50 years, carrying quality products for all types of faces and skins, turning its daily use items for many women around the world. Their long-lasting products stand out, and above all their correctors; within which the «touche magique» stands out; that helps to cover imperfections and the famous dark circles, covering them one hundred percent, in addition to the fact that its effect lasts for many hours.

2. Estee Lauder: This brand, founded in 1946, is in second place among the ten best professional makeup brands; because many professionals in this field have preferred their products, among which their foundations and cleansers stand out to remove make-up and maintain healthy skin; which is essential to achieve impeccable results.

The «Double Wear Make Up To Go» base is one of the most recognized products of this brand, because it covers all kinds of imperfections, allowing perfect finishes to be achieved, which led it to win the «Best Makeup Base» award. at the Glamor Awards 2016.

3. Art Deco: Many professional makeup artists consider it the best among professional makeup brands, standing out among its products, its foundations, eye shadows and mascaras. One of the recent launches has been the «Beauty of Nature» collection, inspired by the color spectrum of the exotic flora and fauna of the Orient.

4.Max Factor: This brand catalogs itself as «the makeup of professionals»; promoting itself in this way for many years, and the quality of its products has made it the preferred brand by many Hollywood stars for many decades. They stand out for the durability of the makeup, as well as for its wide coverage; such as, for example, the “Skin Luminizer” bases, which have reflective light particles; that give a special touch to the face.

5.Mac: For several years it has been considered one of the best professional makeup brands, destined to be the market leader, due to its great commitment to preserving the composition of its elements, thus offering quality and safety to its consumers; which has made it one of those used by professional makeup artists.

With Mac cosmetics, very durable finishes are achieved, on any type of face, whose minimum duration is 10 hours. The shadows are his leading products, especially those that are cream; known as “paint pots”. Likewise, brushes stand out for their high quality and their role in achieving perfect makeup.

6.Channel: The fashion brand of the famous Coco Chanel is on the list of the best professional makeup brands, not only because of its fame, but also because its makeup collection has become established in the market, due to its high quality; besides being one of the most expensive; its lipsticks being one of its most recognized products, among which the «Rouge Coco» is recommended, which has a very classic and striking red color.

7.Christian Dior: This recognized brand of this fashion company stands out for its eye shadows; that present an extensive variety of tones, which are preferred by millions of women around the world, and for this reason it is among the best professional makeup brands.

8.Laura Mercier: It is a French and American brand; which is not only cosmetic, but also has skin care products. It was founded by professional makeup artist Laura Mercier in 1996, and then in 2006 Shiseido absorbed the brand. The most recognized products of this brand are loose powders, used to seal makeup.

9. Lancome: This professional makeup is one of the most classic that exists on the market, with an indisputable quality, because it lasts 24 hours, and it does not have to be retouched during this period; which makes it one of the most expensive that exist; although the investment is worth it, because by not having to touch up, much less is spent, which turns into savings.

10. Bourjois: At the bottom of our list is this brand founded in 1863 in Paris, France. It stands out for the elaboration of extraordinary bases with which ideal results are achieved for big occasions, and especially for night events; being one of its highest quality products the 123 Perfect Cream.