Whether we have to give or receive a gift on a special occasion, original perfumes will always be a highly appreciated option for men and women, but, being a high-cost product and one of the most sought after, it also becomes one of the most copied. For this reason, it will be of great help to differentiate between one and the other, since we will not only avoid using substances that could cause damage to our body, but also be victims of counterfeiting. Here are some tips to recognize an original perfume:

Check the box: In the original perfumes, An excellent quality cardboard is always used, with an impeccable external printing and inside they have additional fasteners. to preserve the perfume during its transfer. While in the forged version, these details completely contrast.

Check the bottle: Make sure the container is in perfect condition, free of scratches or signs of physical alteration, especially pay close attention to the atomizer; any evidence of scratches, sharp edges or other defects would indicate that it is a fake perfume.

In the same way, it is necessary to verify that the glass of the bottle is completely smooth, transparent and free of imperfections or reliefs, since the original bottles are manufactured as a single piece. But, in the case of fake perfumes, it is made up of two pieces that are joined, so they will always have reliefs.

Take the bubble test: Shake the jar for a few seconds and watch for bubbles to form in the behavior. If after 20 seconds these disappear, the perfume is original; otherwise, it may be an imitation. Similarly, if you notice any substance, foreign residue or color change when you shake the bottle, you are dealing with a fake, since the original perfume has a uniform color.

Find information on the web: If you decide on a perfume, Before buying, it is advisable to search the internet for all the relevant information, including the details of the product and its presentation., since these change from time to time. In this way you will be able to verify if the perfume that they are offering you is identical in every detail.

Check product identification: Check that there are no printing defects on the bottle or box labels and that they are correctly placed. In addition to this, inside or outside the packaging must have the information of the ingredients that make up the perfume, something that imitations lack.

Although we all love a good perfume, the biggest fear is that we are buying a counterfeit perfume, but that will not be a problem if you take into account the advice we have given you. So, How final advice, do not buy perfumes on e-commerce pages or sites of dubious origin; instead, choose to do it in recognized storessince they are the only ones that guarantee the authenticity of the perfume.