To obtain an athlete’s body requires a series of factors to consider, beyond those recognized as a balanced diet and an adequate exercise routine. Each body is different, therefore, each person will need to take into account certain factors that will help them achieve that athlete’s body that they want. From hormonal balance, to the tolerance that exists to certain foods, even according to body type, take note of these tips that will lead you directly to athletic success.

Cortisol, or also called stress hormone. The more controlled the person has this hormone, the better their resistance to training.and you can also have your blood sugar level regulated, the main cause of various health problems such as heart disease, stroke, vision and nerve problems.

Proper nutrition is another element that cannot go unnoticed. It’s not about eating less, it’s about eating better. Vegetables together with proteins should be the axes of what is taken daily. In fact, to obtain an athlete’s body, you must keep focused on the fact that 70% is food, and 30% the exercise routine. That’s how important it is to maintain a balance in everything that is ingested.

Since the 1940s, a theory has been proposed based on the relationship between genetics and the athletic development of people. The theory of somatotypes establishes in a basic way that according to the type of body that each person has, it will lead to a specific resistance to a certain diet and certain type of training. Pointing out three body types, such as ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorphThis approach is followed by many bodybuilders as well as sports fans in order to improve their performance in each routine.

Specifically, the ectomorph are people who are naturally thin, because your metabolism is accelerated. They should completely avoid cardiovascular exercises, and focus on exercises with weights, for a maximum of 2 or 3 days a week. For its part, the mesomorphs, They are the most benefited needing little training to achieve their physical goals. However, the diet must be restricted to maintain the proper hormonal balance that can affect them. Finally, endomorphs, is the most common body type, prone to obesitythey must have an exact balance between routine and food, because their metabolism is the slowest, and burning fat is a long and complex process.

Having an athletic body is about balance, and knowing what is really good for the body. Beyond the beauty stereotypes recognized at a social level, the coach, Richard Linares, emphasizes that «perfection does not exist, but seeking to obtain it can help us to be in excellent condition throughout the year, as long as we understand that in order to stay, we have to improve our life habits”.