When it comes to wanting to highlight the figure giving off sensuality and femininity, mermaid cut dresses may be the best option, however not all dare to use it due to fears often associated with their figure. This type of dress is more common in wedding dresses, however they can be used in all types of gala dresses and are ideal for any occasion that deserves that waste of elegance and sophistication; In fact, it is very common to notice them on the red carpet of any event where all kinds of celebrities attend.

The shape of this dress cut is reminiscent of the mythological sea creatures known as mermaids and hence its name. They consist of being completely fitted to the body and open below the hips or a little above the hips. No matter what the choice is in the design of this dress, we will always be reminded of the statuesque figure of the mermaids.

In general, this dress cut tends to favor women with a slim, curvy or tall silhouette; However, in recent years, designers have managed to adapt this dress cut to all body types and thus fulfill the dream of those who want to wear it.

The first advice to use this type of dress starts from the attitude with which it is worn, it does not matter if it is someone very thin or if it is a person with a few extra pounds, the important thing is that when using it, safety stands out in all its splendor and thus it can be guaranteed that whoever wears it looks beautiful, especially if it is a bride on her magical day.

As a second piece of advice, we have the secrets that will help the dress to look better if the person who is going to use it is a slightly more corpulent person, that is why we recommend looking for mermaid dresses with lace and drapes in the belly area, as well Everything that we do not want to be noticed will be hidden.

For those women of short stature who wish to wear mermaid cut dresses, we recommend looking for one where the cut of the dress begins above the knees and that additionally that opening is vaporous, this will give a greater visual sensation of harmony and will lengthen the figure a little.

The last recommendations we have for wearing a mermaid cut dress are to make sure that the measurements are correct and it is not too big so that it seems borrowed or very tight that ends up being uncomfortable and does not allow the wearer to breathe. Another important factor to consider when we wear this type of dress is to make sure that the underwear does not have lace, volume or is too tight because all this could be marked on the dress and hinder its harmony and elegance a little.