A genuine diamond has certain characteristics that make it it is important to know how to distinguish them from imitation pieces since there are many stones that are similar to diamonds, such as zircon, and some materials that are manipulated so that they have an almost exact appearance to the real one.

Genuine diamonds usually have some imperfections, which does not make them false. Certainly, it is preferred that the diamond be perfect, but it is the least common of cases. One of the easiest ways to confirm that a diamond is genuine is by looking inside it.

Real diamonds always have a detail inside, called inclusions, obviously they can only be detected with a microscope or a powerful magnifying glass, but if you hold the diamond in front of your eyes and look closely at your side you could see through it, in case otherwise doubt its value. a genuine diamond It must be of a light color, unified and shinyif it does not have any imperfections and its price is not high, doubt its veracity.

Another characteristic aspect of real diamonds is their durability, sharpness and hardness. To the naked eye, there should be no scratches or nicks on the surface, if you detect any, it is certainly a fake diamond. An easy way to check if a diamond is genuine, in unmounted pieces, is to place it on newspaper. If you can see through it, it’s definitely a fake. Real diamonds are so complex in their internal infrastructure that It is impossible for light to pass through its entire path without being refracted..

You can also test its strength with the sandpaper. A real diamond does not scratch when sanded., so if you do this test and notice that the diamond is deteriorating, it is obviously a fake gem. You can also compare it to a diamond that you are sure is real by looking at its top, the comparison is an easy method, just look at the transparencies and reflective qualities seen from an angle.

While it is true that rhinestones are designed to resemble the real thing in appearance, they are not capable of mimicking many of its characteristics. A real diamond shines brighter than glass and other materials. They also remove moisture almost instantly, so you can try exhaling on the diamond, if it remains cloudy for a few seconds, it is definitely not a genuine one.

A very common test to determine if a diamond is genuine is by scratching glass. Only real diamonds have that ability because of their hardness. On the other hand, in a real diamond gray shades are reflected, if you see colorful reflections, it is certainly a fake diamond.

Lastly, one way to make sure that a diamond is genuine, which generally never fails, is to buy it at a prestigious jewelry store, where they usually have equipment that allows you to assess its veracity. In addition, these types of establishments have the certificates of authenticity of the pieces of recognized laboratories such as GIA, AGSL, LGP, PGGL that guarantee its value. You already know, don’t be fooled! Remember, women’s best friends are diamonds.