The divinatory arts are formed by a list that goes from the Spanish letters, tarot, palmistry, tobacco or cigarette reading, among others, and all seek to facilitate the solution of a problem to whoever makes the query. Sometimes there are consultants who have certain skills, or curiosity about that esoteric world; That is why in this opportunity they will be given a basic guide so that they learn to interpret tobacco.

The first thing you should know is that you have to be very calm before starting the reading, and you should even do some prior preparation, such as praying a prayer, an Our Father or any other of your choice, but always invoking beings of light. to help you in this reading. Then say the name and date of birth of the consultant, Once this is done, proceed to light the tobacco.

Likewise, you must be very attentive to all the details that are shown in the smoke and ashes, such as points, figures, stripes, color, the smell that is emitted, etc; every detail counts, even if it lights up and many sparks fly, that is indicative of problems and envy. Once lit, you should smoke it very calmly and without pressing it, at least until the ashes are about two centimeters long; at that time you can begin to do the reading.

Another important aspect that you should know, it is that the tobacco is read in parts and it begins with what they call the crown or the first two centimeters of the tobacco, where you must prevent the ash from falling to the ground until the reading is finished; likewise, the interested person must be present; two cigars cannot be read in a row; tobacco must be as natural as possible, without perfume or mouthpiece; if you must read another tobacco to the same consultant, wait seven days before doing it again.

Now, if you want someone to come back into your life, you should know the following: if you have children all the tobacco reading on the left side will refer to youOn the contrary, if there are no children, his side will be the right. Likewise, the upper part of the tobacco will correspond to your life; if the tobacco opens in two, but on the left and right, an inevitable separation will occur; if you open up and down, the person will look for you to talk; if a kind of path opens, to the left, the person will look for you, if it opens to the opposite side, forget it.

If leaves of white ashes open and form a rose in the tobacco, it means that there is a blossoming of love that that person loves you, turn the tobacco inwards calling the person and make sure that the ashes fall on something other than the floor .

To finish, you need to practice many times, have great patience and confidence. Do your research on the matter and expand the information you have in order to make a correct reading, since there are countless details to cover.