When it comes to dressing, the garments used are as important as their textures and knowing how to combine colors in clothes. In terms of fashion, both the simplicity in color combinations, as well as the excess of creativity take their toll, making the «looks» look graceless or extravagant.

Although it is true that the choice of one color or another depends on individual taste and the occasion that arises, there are also color rules that prioritize which are the most appropriate recommendations. These rules are governed by the composition of the color wheel, which is based on the principles of contrast and cameo. In the first case, as its name indicates, it is recommended to combine opposite colors on the color wheel, while in the second, the ideal is to make combinations with different variations of the same color to look successful.

In general, there are also other tips for combining colors in clothes, which are based on choosing garments with basic tones that can be combined with everything and with each other, such as black, brown, beige, white and blue. In the same line of infallible advice, the choice of a maximum of three colors to combine is also taken into account, always including one of the basic ones mentioned above.

Likewise, and to get the most out of each garment in the closet, there are tips to combine those colors that are considered difficult, such as pink, mint, and of course, prints. In the case of this pink color, it looks successful with blue and white garments, when it uses the cameo theory, but if on the contrary the theory of contrasts is followed, this tone is absolutely beautiful in combination with black.

One of the most difficult colors when combining is usually yellow, in this sense it is necessary to be risky and dare with safe combinations, but unusual, such as yellow with brown, dark blue or garments with a navy print… the result is amazing.

A difficult decision when dressing is to combine prints; it is generally advised that there is only one print per outfit. The advantage of these types of garments is that they look good with practically any neutral color and therefore, they are a perfect option to attract attention with style.

When it comes to color combinations when it comes to clothing, denim cannot be ignored, as one of the most used materials in the world when it comes to clothing. The classic shade of denim looks good with all shades, but especially with light shades like white, gray, light blue, pink, and beige.

When considering color combinations, it is pertinent to be guided by the rules—established long ago—that indicate how to play it safe. But, we cannot ignore that when it comes to fashion, the transgressive is always appreciated and it is always possible, one or another combination that, even if it goes out of the rules, looks great.