Platinum is a material widely used to make spectacular jewelry. But like all metal, the frequent use of these garments can favor the deterioration of its shine, due to elements such as sweat, dust, residues of perfumed substances, friction with other pieces of jewelry, among other factors.

Above all, we must give special care to platinum jewelry, not only keeping them properly, but also providing them with the maintenance they deserve. In this way, they will last longer, with the guarantee that they can be passed on to new generations of the family or perhaps to special people in our lives.

Therefore, to keep them in good condition, it is necessary to follow some tips that will help you keep them always looking like new. Taking into account that to do so, in addition to separating them from each other, in order not to scratch them, you must use the appropriate products when you carry out the respective cleaning and thus avoid damaging them.

Likewise, it is essential to protect them from dust, dirt and humidity, the best way to do this is by wrapping them in a soft cloth, like felt and velvet, depositing them in a chest. But if you are in the habit of wearing some of these jewels almost daily, or simply carry them with you always; So taking them off first when you bathe, when you practice any sporting activity and before going to sleep, is convenient, protecting them from bumps and dirt accumulation.

However, to clean them you have to be very careful with the products and chemicals chosen; This is because many of them, instead of highlighting the natural shine of the pieces, contribute to drastically opaque them. Platinum jewels are perfectly washed with soapy water and a little salt; previously they can be soaked for a few minutes, very gently rubbed with a brush with fine and soft bristles, not exerting much force, then rinsed with natural water at room temperature.

If you use a commercial product to clean platinum, it is advisable to follow the directions on the label exactly. Generally these substances are used once a month, precisely because of the different chemical compounds they possess; however, if the cleaner you purchased was not effective enough, we advise you to go to a jeweler, so that they can thoroughly wash the platinum jewel in case the garment is very stained.

Also, use a little ammonia or sodium bicarbonate, they will be very useful; mixing water, soap and a few drops of either of these two ingredients in a container, immersing the jewel, brushing it with gentle movements until all the dirt disappears. Afterwards, rinse it with enough lukewarm water, placing it on a cloth so that it drains on its own, but if you need to dry it quickly, do it with chamois cloth, lightly polishing it with the same cloth.

Taking proper care of our platinum jewelry requires very simple steps; we just have to adopt certain habits to keep them in good condition, with a shimmering shine that will immediately attract attention, maintaining an incomparable quality in all tests.