A very current trend to wear in the hair and show off spectacular hairstyles is through the use of tiaras, which give your evening party attire a very elegant and sophisticated and romantic look.

To choose the most suitable tiara, You must take into account the type of dresses and accessories that you will use so that your look is balanced, harmonious and complements the dress.. She should avoid very flashy tiaras that take away from the rest of her outfit. It is recommended that when wearing a tiara you use small earrings and do not wear necklaces so as not to look overloaded.

You should make sure that the tiara fits you comfortably and is oval in style so it doesn’t get in the way. When placing it, make sure that it is tilted forward, at a slight angle, so that when standing, it can be seen that they are in the center of the head.

An easy way to center the tiara is by extending an imaginary line from her chin, through her nose, and to the center of her eyebrows. Precisely where you mark the imaginary line will be the place where the base of the tiara should go, in this way you will accentuate your eyes making them the center of the face.

the tiaras They are an ideal accessory for brides, bridesmaids and quinceañeras., which complement the dress and other accessories. You can use them with loose, collected, semi-up and even short hair. You can also add extensions to your hair to make your hairstyle more attractive.

For a semi-updo hairstyle, you can use the tiaras that fit in the hair like a bow, in the front part of the hair. You can also opt for crown type tiaras that go at the back of the hairstyle. They are generally metallic, with rhinestones and can have floral details.

If you want to add a classic and sophisticated touch to your hairstyle, use thin gold or silver tiaras, with a minimalist look, that are subtly attached to the head. For more informal events you can use a tiara that includes flowers and ribbons.

Tiaras give a particular charm to loose hair. You can use them with flowers, pearls, white, gold or silver, in the shape of a bow or a crown. A tiara on the forehead is a very romantic touch if you decide to wear your hair loose with soft waves. For bohemian or «vintage» weddings, an excellent option is braided crowns and complemented with flower tiaras.

The collected hairstyles are favored with the use of a tiara. You can use low bows, at the height of the neck, whether it is a French, ballerina or slightly disheveled bow, they are ideal to complement them with a tiara with pearls, flowers, crystals or diamonds. You can also choose a high updo, with volume for a glamorous and feminine look perfect to complement with a tiara.

The most beautiful tiaras are small, discreet and simple that are attached to the head and the ends remain hidden in the hair.