When you are buying clothes, cosmetics and all kinds of items that you will need for the child you are expecting, among them you must search for a baby thermometer, which one to choose?; In the market today there is an enormous variety, among others, digital, plastic tape, oral and axillary up to four years old, the rectal thermometer can be used, which is not the most comfortable but it is the most accurate, also from a very early age , you have the alternative of using the infrared forehead or pacifier.

After the age of 4 onwards, the vast majority of children, after explanation, can hold a digital thermometer under the tongue during the short time it takes to read the body temperature; You can also use a regular digital thermometer in the armpit, or the forehead or ear thermometer if older than six months.

The digital ones with a flexible tip for rectal, oral and armpit use, make the measurement by heat sensors, it is fast, it only needs a minute, accurate and easy to read, because the temperature is reflected on the screen; on the other hand, it is safe since it does not contain mercury, which was banned since 2014 because apart from endangering health and the environment, in case of breakage, mercury could be accidentally ingested

The one with a plastic strip is placed on the child’s forehead, and when there is a fever the strip changes color showing the temperatureperhaps it is the least accurate, but when the child is tearful, complaining or simply does not accept another method, this one lets you know quickly and comfortably if he has a fever or not.

The advancement of new technologies brought to the market a device that applies to Smartphones and accesses with the infrared technique to measure body temperature, states the manufacturer that in addition to this and without touching the child, the reading is totally accurate; no matter which one you use, it is always very important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the product.

It is never recommended to bathe the child and then put the thermometer on him, or when he has been too warm, because the body heat reading may not be accurate; it is preferable to wait about 10 minutes for your little body to cool down and then do it; Likewise, You must maintain essential hygiene standards before and after using with alcohol and cotton or soap and water, and then store it in an appropriate place.

When the baby changes his mood for no apparent reason, it will always be advisable to place your hand on his foreheadwhich is the area where the temperature rises the fastest, feeling a higher heat than normal, then use this tool that will help you to clear up doubts and if you notice that it remains beyond a reasonable time, take it to the doctor because the High fever in a child should be treated by a specialist.