As usual, cubic zirconia and diamonds are confused due to the great resemblance in their purity; requiring a clinical eye to differentiate them. If you want to buy a jewel with these characteristics and you have this concern, then take note of these tricks to distinguish them.

Surely it has happened to you that you have a ring and wonder if it will be diamond or cubic zirconia? Although these tests are not as exact as those done by jewelers, it will do you good to use them to prove it. For example; cubic zirconia retains high light scattering, which can be seen by looking at the gem from the crown; if the stone turns and you look at it from above, you will notice a light brown irradiation reaching an orange tone; however, this is not detailed on the diamonds. A cubic zirconia shines brighter than a diamond, because of the sparkles of the colors of the rainbow!

Another simple technique is to get a magnifying glass with enough magnification or a microscope to observe the stone in question in detail; if it has no damage and its color is white, it is probably a zirconia, since most diamonds have imperfections on the inside; which is why it makes them exclusive and unrepeatable.

Similarly, there is a trick that always works, it’s simple! You should only breathe on top of the stone, just as you would to fog up glass; If they remain dark, it indicates that your gem is not a real diamond, as they do not retain heat. Also, when purchasing a piece of this magnitude, consider that the price of a jewel with diamonds is usually five times more expensive than that of a zirconia.

Likewise, there is the weight method, you will need a scale to know the difference between both pieces; you can place the garment you want to check on one end and the cubic zirconia on the other. If the first weighs more, it is undoubtedly a fake stone and not a diamond. Zirconia stones weigh twice as much as diamonds!

However, If a zirconia is exposed to ultraviolet light, it will quickly turn purple; instead, diamonds become fluorescent shades. This it is because diamonds contain a faint almost uniform color, while zirconias are completely colorless. Also try putting a drop of water on a clean diamond and stir it with a needle, the water should keep its spherical shape; On the contrary, in a zirconia, the water spreads over the entire area.

Cool! Easy and simple tricks to do at home to differentiate these two precious stones. And it is that heZirconia can be acquired artificially and naturallybut it must be taken into account that its establishment did not have the purpose of imitating diamonds for any reason, therefore, they are two different minerals.