Zodiac signs reveal many characteristics about people, such as how they relate to others and what people can expect and relate to. Each sign is different, as well as each element in which they are grouped, so this time we will know what the water signs are like in friendship.

Cancer: people born under this sign are very sincere, nice and want their friends to be the same, because they are very sensitive so a little lie or a cruel act of sincerity would destroy a friendship of years. They are very calm people with whom they can talk during a walk or be in a calm place to share, so you should forget about inviting them to a big party or places that are full of people because they will immediately refuse. He likes to share with his family and it is very important for them that his friends understand that this is his priority.

Those born in Cancer hate pressure and insistence, they stay away from discussions, it is not easy for them to express what they think or their feelings with people they hardly know, they do not like pressure, however, if people have patience with the time Cancer gains confidence and becomes a little more open.

Scorpio: These are not always the best friends because their trust towards others is very low, so it will be difficult for a person to get closer. They are not to have many friends and much less when they are in a relationship. They are people who are very appreciative of what people do to gain their trust and that is how they can have friends. They are not ogres, they actually have a great sense of humor and they infect those around them. He will never disrespect anyone and it is something that he demands in return, so if you are not able to comply with that, do not approach him.

Pisces: These people are idealistic but reserved, people who like to play it safe, so if you want to be their friend you must know the priorities that Pisces has in your life. However, they are very reserved about private situations and if they share it, it will be with their partner or family. They do not usually forgive betrayal, you must take care not to fail in trust. Another important point is that their family is a priority, so in a relationship they usually go out only with their partner, they like to be alone from time to time where they can think about their life, about their goals and have clear ideas.

With all this you will be able to approach any of these signs without being surprised by their attitudes, be able to deal with them and adapt, if you are more interested in establishing a relationship with a water sign in the future, you should make an effort to break the armor of each one, later you will notice that each of them will be very different in terms of love.