Jewelry will always bring out vanity in womenthey all feel the need to dazzle, attract attention and not go unnoticed and what better way than wearing some spectacular jewel or a piece that stands out from the wardrobe, fortunately the options are very diverse, rings, necklaces, bracelets, chokers, earrings or watches, any beautiful piece can make us feel more beautiful and confident, every day the offer of jewelry industry products is renewed and offers us original collectionsavant-garde or simply the traditional ones that never go out of style.

A large number of women have become fanatics of jewelry, they no longer need a man to give it to them, they simply decide to buy it and period, if they want and have the money they do it; Although there are still women who want to look for a man with a lot of money to fill them with luxurious and spectacular jewels, in the end vanity succumbs among other needs and we dare to do the impossible to be able to wear a collection jewel with a lack of modesty.

When talking about vanity there are famous phrases from famous women that show how we succumb to the magnificence and beauty of a jewel; designer Coco Chanel had this to say “A woman needs strings and strings of pearls” and Marilyn Monroe commented, “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend”.

Movie legend and emerald aficionado Elizabeth Taylor commented, “Big girls need big diamonds,” and said, “I love wearing jewelry, but not because it’s mine. You cannot possess brilliance, you can only admire it.”; In her youth, the prestigious designer Jennie Kwon confesses that her jewels always drove her crazy and she dedicated the following sentence to her classmates, “a jewel has the power to be that small thing that can make you feel unique”; These are some phrases that undoubtedly show our weakness for jewelry.

Fashion is one of the first tools for women to look at themselves in front of a mirror, look and feel more beautiful than everWhen we complement our look with jewels in perfect harmony, our self-esteem is much better and we project ourselves positively to others.

Jewelry classics that every woman should have in her closet to show off should include, silver garments for all occasionsoffice, romantic dates or weekends; unique design earrings to combine, gold, silver or crystal that are of good quality so that they last over time; invest in super elegant chains, yellow, white or rose gold, with charms that have precious stones, or more discreet, in the form of a letter or a symbol. Other accessories that should accompany every woman are rings of all sizes and shapes, bracelets with rhinestones and crystals to combine with glamour.

Complement your outfit with jewelry and constantly renew your look, your best cover letter is your image, choose your clothes correctlystand out from the rest and be the best.