The stars have always played a fundamental role in the spiritual life of a person, they have always had life, value and validity from the creation of the world to our times, and are considered powerful essences within the magical world of protection.

With a firm meaning that transcends from the times of the Middle Ages, the stars were used as amulets of luck and protection. For the Israelis, a thousand-year-old people, they have many meanings; so much so, that they placed one of these figures in the center of their country’s flag: a six-pointed star, formed by a pyramid-type star with three sides in a normal right shape and joined by another equal, but in an adverse position to the previous one.

Likewise, the stars participate and influence the zodiacal world, they are part of the central turn in a person’s life. In the case of the Babylonian astrologers, they believed that they had an influence on a person’s birth, when the movement of the planets formed a complete union of identity and destiny.

Very similar to what the Bible narrates in the book of Saint Matthew with the event of the Magi, when they went to Jerusalem to meet the baby Jesus, and were guided by a star in Bethlehem, as a sign of orientation to the right place. .

Currently, the star is used and very entrenched in the use of cards, in the case of «tarot» these usually mean multiple things in a person, ranging from personality to their environment. It is said that they are a reflection of light, life and good luck. When this card in the «tarot» has been chosen, it is said that there is a new beginning in the person and it is considered that in love a response arises regarding the arrival of the ideal man, as well as the opportunity to surrender completely. in faith and trust.

In the concrete sense, it means light, guidance, orientation, sharpness and clarity to see the new projects that you will undertake in your life, which you must be ready to receive and take advantage of. Let nothing surprise her, but let her be aware in advance of what she could possibly obtain.

In this way, it is necessary that you consider the power that the stars undertake to be of very high value and meaning. More than knowing him in a story and in some letters, it is knowing that they are always there to give shine, light and joy to his night. Therefore, you should not hesitate to approach them before sleeping or when you are walking at night: observe them and feel their protection. That without a doubt, will be part of your success.