The spiritual dimensions –

The spiritual dimensions: At present, the subject of the spiritual dimensions is well recognized. But do we really know what each one means? And what can we do to ascend among them? If you don’t know the answers here we give them to you. Keep reading us.

Spiritual dimensions: Concept of dimension

To understand this term we must first understand what dimension is. In the case of an object, any of its characteristics is a dimension: height, width, color, temperature, texture, shape.

However, when several people see an object, they will all see different characteristics depending on the spiritual dimension in which it is. The object is always the same, but depending on the state of consciousness of the person looking at it, they will see more or less dimensions.

Spiritual Dimensions: States of Consciousness

The spiritual dimensions refer to the deepest inner experience of the person, which leads him to give meaning and purpose to his own actions and existence, whatever the external conditions, which means learning how to find enjoyment in everyday experience. It includes carrying out the practices associated with the faith, the belief or the moral values ​​that are professed.

For the rest, the spiritual dimensions are not places, but are only states of consciousness that are lived and experienced.

Spiritual Dimensions: How do you know what dimension a person is in?

When someone is said to be in the third, fourth or fifth dimension, it does not mean that they are in different places, but that they are perceiving more or less aspects of the place where they are and of themselves, at the same time and in the same space. The higher the level of consciousness, the greater the number of dimensions of reality that are perceived.

For the rest, the spiritual dimensions are not places, but are only states of consciousness that are lived and experienced.

Spiritual Dimensions: How do you get from one dimension to another?

One of the many exercises to be able to ascend from dimension to dimension consists of, first, becoming aware that there are different parts of your life that are already in other dimensions. In other words, suffering and other low-energy feelings should not be taken into account, but rather let them pass.

Because because what we focus our thoughts on becomes our own reality.

It is not about forcing ourselves to love everything, but about focusing our attention on what in our lives raises our vibration, until we learn that we really have to love everything.

Spiritual Dimensions:

the first dimension

It is responsible for transforming energy into matter. On the other hand, it can be said that the basic frequency of atoms and molecules, therefore, is the energy of the microcosm. It is the vibrational frequency of DNA activation.

In this space, you only understand how DNA begins and you have an elemental level of consciousness. The water, the minerals and the electrical and liquid currents of our body vibrate in this dimension.

the second dimension

The second dimension is grouped to the elemental world. We understand that the basic and purely instinctive life is formed in this state. Most of the plants and animals inhabit it. As well as everything concerning the course of nature.

Within this second-dimensional vibrational field are also the energetic forces that govern the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether), practically this is the world that governs the course of nature and evolution establishing the fundamental bases of the third dimension.

the third dimension

The third dimension is the world in which we human beings inhabit, it is the most fundamental because almost all the learning about existence is acquired here through our personal experiences.

Actually, the evolutionary/spiritual path begins here, on this plane; each soul is tested on a long path that we call «life». During this journey, consciousness plays a certain role in a virtual game.

the fourth dimension

The fourth dimension is a state of consciousness in which we perceive our mental and emotional part, as well as the physical world around us.

With this definition, it is evident that almost all people are in the fourth dimension, since, to a greater or lesser degree, almost everyone perceives their feelings and thoughts.

the fifth dimension

It is in this dimension where the group consciousness that forms a single Being of higher dimensions is experienced. It is an energetic frequency, not a physical one. Time is a continuum, there is only the eternal now.

Thus, the fifth dimension represents awakening. We went from being mortals to infinite souls thanks to the high level of collective wisdom that we have developed. In this state, we will be able to choose to become the guide for other souls from the previous dimensions.

the sixth dimension

The Sixth Dimension is the one called Christic or Buddhic, because it is here where the state of total remembrance is reached. Where you take responsibility for the Whole and you are the Whole. It is known, by the mystics, as the true reality, the Buddhists call it «nirvana».

It is also noted as the dimension of enlightenment. It is as if it were a great library of souls of light, which is located one step away from God.

the seventh dimension

It is an energetic dimension where the spiritual body overlaps the physical body. It is the dimension of consciousness of pure light, where death, as we have experienced through all the disincarnations we have had, ceases to exist, because the function it fulfilled will no longer be.

In this dimension there are no scattered parts and there is a new perspective of integration. There are no shapes in it. Just colors and sounds. However, and although at this level only the one that is formed with others is known, we are also capable of becoming aware of the states that we go through.

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