The spectacular quartz route in Chileis located in the northern part of this country, specifically in the Quilimarí Valley, a beautiful place with a tourist attraction that has been growing, thanks in large part to the mineral benefits that exist in its vast geography, where quartz stands out. , whose value lies not only in its use in various industrial processes and in the world of jewelry, but is also widely used to perform therapies and harmonize the energy field of people, which is also known as gem therapy, or healing process through the stones.

This is how the quartz route is promoted in this valley located in the city of «La Serena», as a tourist destination where people can take tours in natural environments, which offer spectacular trails before reaching the mine where There are large quartz, which according to experts in stone healing processes, offer people the opportunity to balance their chakras or energy vortexes that we all possess, and that are basic in the appearance of diseases, since if are blocked or unbalanced, the physical, mental and emotional body is affected.

These healing properties of quartz also allow people to access these stones for therapies, and even to purchase jewelry or amulets that contain this precious gem. For these reasons, this route is also known as the «Mystic Quartz Route», associating this mineral and the route itself with the «Healing of the Soul», because according to specialists in the matter, the mineral acts directly on the field energetic.

This conception of the quartz route derives from the initiative of the Tourism Network of the Quilimarí Valley, where the route begins, to extend through 42 kilometers into the interior of this valley, where there is a statue with applications of quartz and metal, which marks the beginning of the tour, and reaches the town of Tilama, where the quartz mines are located and walkers are given the opportunity to participate in the mineral extraction process.

In this way, it is convenient to reach one of the best known cities in the region, such as La Serena; and travel only half an hour, to be located at kilometer 16 of Route 41, as if you were going to Vicuña, where the Quartz Route begins, to which the locals confer a special mystical power, because according to the ancestors of In this area, quartz favors people’s spiritual balance and imbues the environment with positive energy, attributing certain healing properties to the physical, mental and spiritual body.

On the other hand, the properties of quartz in the smelting processes of other minerals are well known, as well as its pyro and piezoelectric properties, which make it very useful and fundamental in the precision electronics industry. Likewise, colored varieties such as amethyst and citrine are widely used in jewelry to make various types of jewelry, as well as being used as raw material for many years to make earthenware and glass.

In this way, reaching the spectacular Quartz Route in Chile is an adventure that will fill you with positive energy, peace and harmony; You just have to contact Mr. Luis Castillo, who belongs to the third generation of a family of miners, who for more than seventy years has dedicated himself to exploiting this mineral; and he is currently dedicated to guiding people who want to make the journey and reach the mines that are at the top of the «Los Corrales» sector.

The route connects walkers with nature, and from the highest parts spectacular landscapes can be seen, but there is a crossroads located between the Quebrada de Talca and Route 41, which serves as a reference to enter the hills, so that the people make a route that combines hiking, enjoying nature, observing the fauna and flora of this wonderful place, with the opportunity to perform therapies and energy healing processes through quartz.

It should be noted that as you advance towards the top of the «Los Corrales» sector, you can see pieces of quartz on the ground, and if you manage to dig a little, pieces of different sizes and different levels of transparency begin to come out.

It is important to mention that the Mystical Route of Quartz in Chile has increased tourist activity in the region, since the mystical characteristic of these stones has aroused the interest of people who practice meditation and believe in the energetic power of stones. , for which the influx of national and foreign tourists to the mines where the ore is extracted has increased.

There is a group called Kreaser Terapeutas that makes excursions to the Quartz Route in La Serena, which they call the Mystical Route of Quartz, because according to them this mineral gives them the opportunity to connect with nature and helps people to harmonize their energy field; ensuring that walkers get a wonderful treasure, which gives them peace, along natural trails, which in turn have native vegetation, which adorns the route, and when they reach the quartz mine they feel full and connected with the divine source of the universe.