Astrological prediction methods such as the horoscope and the natal chart are based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. Many civilizations historically used forms of prediction based on their calendars, in relation to the stars.

The alignment of the planets marks an influence on the zodiacal signs, affecting them positively or negatively. On the other hand, each zodiacal sign has a ruling planet that gives it particular characteristics.

to the natives of Aries rules them Mars, the god of war, who gives the sign a strong character, determined and with a lot of vitality. Mars makes its natives impulsive, determined, brave and fighters.

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus.the influence of this planet in the life of the natives makes them require company and have a predisposition to the arts and makes people give off grace and attract the attention of others.

Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury., god of communication. This planet gives the natives a gift to function naturally and in all scenarios. It gives you speed to associate ideas, skill in social interactions and great intelligence in your actions.

The Moon rules those born under the sign of Cancer and gives her a great sense of motherhood and femininity, as well as giving her absolute sensitivity and very intense feelings.

Leo natives are ruled by the star king, Sun. Her influence marks a scorching, intense character, with the ability to lead and who can be loved or hated, and like the Sun is in charge of giving life and ending it.

Those of the Virgo sign are ruled by Mercury, and endows him with prominent mental conditions. It also gives you the ability to observe, consciousness, order and details.

Libra is ruled by Venus, and gives its natives beauty, both physical and internal. It influences their search for perfect love and perfection in his work, it also makes them very diplomatic and tactful.

Scorpio natives are ruled by Pluto, and influences their ability to change, mutate, and discard what they dislike. They are people with a tendency to strong emotions and can make them introverted and sometimes cruel.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius natives and gives him intellectual gifts, physical capacity and a great desire to excel. It also grants you the gift of learning and the ability to relate to various cultures, as well as learn languages.

Capricorn natives are ruled by Saturn, which gives you emotional stability and self-control. He makes Capricorns persevering people with a lot of will to go after their goals.

Those of the Aquarius sign are ruled by Uranusfor this reason they have a tendency to change in addition to a marked tendency to excesses, of all kinds.

Pisces natives are ruled by Neptuneand gives them a dreamy and idealistic personality, also makes him a special being in the face of love, who go after the impossible.