Zodiac signs tend to influence human beings in many aspects; for this reason, some people look for information about what the day holds, in order to solve the negative aspects and take advantage of the positive aspects that will allow for a better coexistence; considering that you can also observe the response of each sign to fear and their main phobias.

Just as we talk about the behavior or characteristics of each sign in love, work, economy, etc., fear, that feeling of anguish caused by the presence of danger, is handled in different ways according to your zodiac sign. Hence, if your sign is Aries, you’re very active and for that reason your main phobia is estophobia, fear of being still; besides the fear of losing people, separation and detachment.

On the other hand, if you belong to the sign of Taurus, your main phobia is metathesiophobia, fear of changes. Likewise, being a person who loves luxury and comfort, another fear is financial instability.

As for Gemini, ruled by the twins who keep them in constant conflict and changing decisions, their main phobia is decidophobia, fear of decision-making. In addition to the fear of feeling lonely.

Next, the Cancer natives, who feel safe and comfortable in the comfort of their home and surrounded by friends and family, are afraid to leave their safe place and feel unloved. On the other hand, Leo, a sign who loves capturing the attention of others, tends to suffer from athazagoraphobia, fear of being forgotten or ignored.

For Virgo, who have hypochondriacal traits, health plays a fundamental role in their lives, so panzophobia or the fear of suffering and getting sick is their biggest phobia, accompanied by fear of imperfection, physical and mental disorder. However, Libra is not born to be alone for life, when they are alone or isolated they feel unbalanced, to the point that this is their greatest fear, the fear of loneliness, together with the fear of making bad decisions.

Fear of intimacy and being ridiculed are two fears that stand out in the personality of Scorpio; as well as, fear of death. Regarding indomitable Sagittarius, control, responsibility and a certain degree of claustrophobia will be their greatest fears of him. If you talk about Capricorn, the atychiphobia or fear of failure, unless you are extremely good at what you do, are your biggest fears.

Following with Aquarius, the most fearful sign, they usually suffer from a claustrophobia directed to institutions such as corporate work, school, hospitals, or marriage. To close the zodiac cycle, Pisces can be paralyzed if they have to speak in public, since that means assuming responsibilities and leaving their world of fantasies.