The sagittarius woman She attracts many as she is known for her friendly and easy-going personality. She captivates everyone with her positive outlook on life and an energy that she normally radiates to the people around her. Do you want to know other aspects of your personality? How is it at work, in the family and in love? Keep reading! We will tell you everything about the women of this zodiac sign.

Sagittarius woman personality

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, element of fire, to which people who are born of the November 23 and December 21. The main personality trait of this sign is that they are enthusiastic, very energetic and excited about life. That vitality, enthusiasm and overwhelming personality can sometimes be disconcerting for many.

The sagittarius woman it is ruled by Jupiter, so it is very easy to fall under its spell. Her smile is magnetic, and her honesty and confidence make it easy to strike up a friendship with her, if not more. She is committed, supportive and very generous, so she tends to get along with all those who need support. Despite that, she is sometimes indelicate and very honest with others, so she can be hurtful to some.

His restless and curious mind never stops looking for new experiences. the heart of the sagittarius woman he longs to explore unknown lands, a new territory populated by new faces, new ideas and new adventures. This is a woman who has no time to be held back by outdated gender roles or social taboos. She does what she wants, when she wants, and she really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it.

Virtues and defects of the Sagittarius woman

Among its virtues, it stands out that it has a lot of vitality and optimism. In general, he tries to draw lessons and learning from everything that happens to him. In addition, he always thinks positively and maintains hope even in the most difficult moments. This makes her a great person to have both as a friend, as a family or as a couple.

As for the flaws in the sagittarius woman there is being too planned and organized. What prevents you from flowing and enjoying improvised plans when things don’t go as planned. On the other hand, her sincerity and transparency are a drawback. For her there are no excuses or tact, she prefers to go with the truth, regardless of whether others like it or not. That excessive frankness causes, on some occasions, people to distance themselves from her. Not everyone handles the truth well without anesthesia.

Sagittarius woman in love

Sagittarians in love are passionate, energetic, and usually up for just about anything. They do not expect to be told or shown things, nor will they sit and wait for someone to approach them. They take the initiative in everything and when the other person is worth it, they commit and give everything.

Therefore, the sagittarius woman He refuses to; she will rarely find her sitting by the phone, wondering if she will ever be called. Do you think you can keep up with her? Discover your love compatibility with Sagittarius! A Sagittarius woman is proactive. Happy to take matters into her own hands, she will cross the room to ask for your number.

Some people are put off by his direct and bold ways, may even be intimidated by his power, and may be overwhelmed by his independence. So despite being universally liked and undeniably attractive, Sagittarius women are often single for years at a time, only settling down to truly commit to a partner once they’ve really proven themselves.

The Sagittarius woman in the home and family

the home of a sagittarius woman it’s usually a hodgepodge of treasures you’ve found on your travels, the artworks of dear friends, and clothes from your last trip spilling out of your suitcase, still unpacked.

Their living space is usually quite minimal, simple and tasteful. You can quickly make any space feel like your own by lighting a few candles and burning your favorite incense. It tends not to get too attached to one place or another, preferring to live in open spaces, with outdoor spaces and large windows that allow a great view and excellent lighting.

As for the family, sagittarius woman She is affectionate, understanding, sensitive and very familiar. As a mom she is rarely held back by her children. They go with her wherever she goes. This fire sign mother shares her passion with her children, but she also teaches them not to take life too seriously.

Sagittarius moms will find a way to raise their little ones outside of the norm and encourage them to be free-thinking truth seekers, just like her.

On the other hand, she is a mediator to prevent problems between her family members. When she has the opportunity to be alone with each of the parties, she will say everything that needs to be said. The sagittarius woman He thinks that if each person knows the reality of the problem, they will be able to find how to manage it. In addition, she is very good at providing solutions and optimistic visions to problems.

Sagittarius Woman in work life and money

The Sagittarius woman is honest, conscientious and dedicated to the work they do. She can be counted on to do a fantastic job. She can be trusted with sensitive matters, security and money, and she will be punctual and she will show up to do the job when she says she will.

Being such a mental planner, she has great potential to lead teams and organize work. The sagittarius woman She will be understanding with her colleagues, but she will rationalize any work project.

On the other hand, the vitality and energy that you possess will be contagious and will allow your co-workers to feel at ease and soak up that vitality. You will put all your energy into great projects, especially if they have characteristics that contribute to the greater good.

Sagittarius women never seem to save, but they always manage to have enough not to be broke. Living simply and using your funds for what really matters is the Sagittarius trait, so you don’t mind helping someone in need financially.