Known as one of the largest constellations in the universe, it can be seen from almost anywhere on the planet., the Sagittarius Constellation can be seen more clearly in the southern hemisphere during the months of autumn, winter and spring; while to the north it can be seen on summer nights.

The image that represents this spectacular constellation is that of an archer, who inside keeps millions of stars and objects from the sky. According to scientists, in that direction is what is considered the center of the galaxy.

In Greek mythology, this constellation is the image of the centaur Chiron, a mythical being full of legendswisdom, experience and a great deal of knowledge of the secrets of the universe, who was born from the relationship between Cronos and the nymph Filira, his image is that of half man and half horse, all this as a result of the fact that his father had to become a steed to spawn it.

Considered immortal, he was a great teacher with disciples such as: Castor Pollux, Ulysses, among others.. It is a combat was wounded with an arrow with blood of Hydra Lernacausing him unbearable pain, but due to his immortality he decided to ask for the consent of the gods to offer his immortality and not have to endure pain throughout his life, so Zeus placed him among the stars of the sky turning it into the constellation that today we know.

This group of stars is considered very special, because it is the only one that is completely crossed by the Milky Way. Antares, is part of a small group of stars that are the most visible in the universe and is located specifically where the archer points in the heavens.

However, the constellations do not necessarily have a special relationship with the meaning of the signs; on the contrary, a sign can have its own individual characteristics that are focused by the planet that rules it. Sagittarius is represented by a zodiac sign that appears from November 23 to December 21 of each year.

In the case of the sign of Sagittarius, which is the ninth sign of the zodiac, it is ruled by the planet Jupiter. In astrology it is said that people of this sign are explorers of the world in general, perceiving everything around them and learning more and more about the things that happen in their path.

In this sense, the women of this sign constantly seek to expand their thoughts, vision and way of acting to carry out each of the plans they want to grow internally and externally.

For astrology believers, many of the people of this sign of Sagittarius have characteristics similar to those indicated by mythology in reference to the definition of the constellation. Although it is not scientifically proven, there is a great belief about the relationship between the date of birththe signs, the constellation of the sign and how all these factors influence people’s daily lives.