Have you heard of the sacred codes of Grigori Grabovoi? Well, if you haven’t, you might like to know, it is a system according to which people can be helped to recover their health and bodily harmony, concentrating solely on sequences of numbers. Sounds interesting, but who is Grigori Grabovoi?

This academic born in Kazakhstan; he belongs to the International Academy of Informatization and is, in turn, an adviser to the Russian federal aviation service, but has become famous for his research on new technologies of consciousnesswhich have recently managed to become known throughout the world.

This is how his gifts of clairvoyance and healing have come to light; to the point that he has become a well-known and famous character throughout the world; which has increased the knowledge of the sacred codes of him, used for different purposes.

One of his achievements is that he was awarded the IP Pavlov silver medal by the Russian Academy of Sciences; since, through his work, he has contributed to the improvement of medicine and public health; as expressed by this academy. He was also awarded the Peter the Great medal, because his research has been considered to have contributed to the renaissance of Russian science and economy.

Grigori Grabovoi, creator of the sacred codes, has many abilities; among which the following can be mentioned: has the ability to make a precise description of the character and appearance of a person, just by knowing their surnames. Also, you can follow the information of people, regardless of the language and the distance at which they are; as well as detecting and diagnosing long-distance technological defects.

On the other hand, this scientist who claims to be connected to the divine source of creation, or what we call God; he possesses the wonderful ability to materialize and dematerialize different objects; as well as to cure cancer or AIDS, through a technique or method based on series of numbers or codes.

They have been called sacred codes; and his technique has been registered with the United Nations; and even the Russian Ministry of Education approved it as an independent discipline. It is a new technology of consciousness; which has been developed by him; who maintains that through the constant practice of repetitions of these sacred codes, with due concentration on the specific combinations of a series of numbers; It can help cure many diseases and situations in people’s lives.

According to Grabovoy it is possible to master event control technology, using mental concentration and through the sacred codes; achieve the understanding of the dynamic processes of external events and the universe, which is made of numbers, so that everyone could control the creative processes and physical manifestations, using the conscience and the soul, which fulfills the role control factor; thus it can regenerate and heal at the cellular level.

In this sense, through information, which is part of the daily life of human beings, the connection of the world is achieved; and by altering these connections, the world system would be changed in a holistic way, using consciousness and sensations as tools for this change.

This is how, based on the principles that we have explained, Grabovoi developed mental concentration exercises, to be applied in different parts of the body and achieve healing; which are based on repetitions of the sacred codes, which represent vibrational codes, with which it seeks to achieve the normalization of the physical and mental conditions of the organism; because according to Grabovoi «any disease appears as a consequence of deviation from the norm». Next, we are going to introduce you to some of the sacred codes and what they are for:

519 7148: This is the code that means “anything is possible”, and as you can see, it has a space between the two series of numbers, which means that you must pause in that space, breathing in and out; and with a lot of concentration think about obtaining what you want; to then finish pronouncing the sequence. Take into account that the spaces in the sequences must be respected, both in the written and in the oral way; since it is for you to think about what you are asking the universe.

It is important to keep in mind that this process of concentrating on the number or sacred codes must be done by the person affected by a disease, however, another person can do it, first pronouncing the series 319817318; which means «Macro Salvation»; and then pronounce mentally or orally, the series of numbers that is required for the particular case that is being treated; asking permission to the soul of the sick person, so as not to violate her free will. There are many series of numbers, below we will present a summary of some, and in a future installment we will present others:

5555555: This series is used to request that a clear and rapid assimilation of the teachings come to us; while the series 1888888 9 1, is used to ask for awareness to develop; and another similar to the previous one 1888948; It is to achieve a change of negative thoughts and events related to prosperity, in order to access it. Also, the series 71427321893 It is used to ask for the normalization of finances and prosperity.

Finally, we have other simple series like 71931, which is used to ask for protection against any danger in any; and if you require immediate help you must pronounce the series 938179; but if what you need is to return to the path of God the Creator, pronounce one of the most sublime sacred codes, such as the series 19712893.