This ring has a blue sapphire of eleven carats valued in more than $200,000. This is a wonderful jewel of royalty, because it was the ring that Prince Charles gave to Diana Spencer William, as a sign of their commitment to him. Its design was chosen by Princess Diana from a catalog exclusive by Garrards jewelry. It is said that this house was the one who provided jewels to the royal family.

Diana’s ring, also known as Lady Di, was seen for the last time in 1996, days before the divorce of this famous royal couple was signed. This little gem of great value, was the cover of many popular magazines, because by then, no one had seen such a splendid and expensive jewelry.

Lady Diana Frances Spencer, was born in Paris on July 1st, 1961, and was the first wife of Prince Charles of Wales. During the time she was married to Prince Charles, Diana had two sons, William and Henry of Wales Cambridge. This royal couple started having problems in the early 90s, where the distance between them was becoming more noticeable. Princess Diana, because of harassment by the “paparazzi” and press, gave an interview to a famous television explaining all about marriage and why the separation; It is knowing then that infidelity was the cause of all problems.

Diana Spencer and Charles of Wales officially separated on August 28, 1996, becoming the only princess in divorce in the UK. Despite all the commotion caused by divorce, Diana could still live in the famous palace, and also maintain a good relationship with the royal family, so that their children are not well seen affections and be able to breed normally.

Something that caused quite a commotion, was the news of the death of Diana Spencer on 31 August 1997, in a tragic traffic accident, where the high speed at which the driver drove, combined with the lack of seat belts, for and lead it to death. In this car, it was her de ella who was then her de ella partner de ella Dodi al Fayed, who also died, along with the driver.

The famous ring is still among royalty; because his son William proposed marriage with this to his current wife Kate Middleton. Due to the great fame that recovered the precious jewel, hundreds of homes have clothes made exact replicas of this intriguing wedding ring. Interestingly, perhaps this famous ring has to be renamed the ring Kate Middleton.

Would you dare to wear a reply of the ring? No doubt that would be a unique and rich piece with great history that you can acquire now!