Lately, the promise rings They have become the ideal symbol for a commitment between two people. Many celebrities have followed this tradition, making the exchange of these rings a true trend. However, there is much confusion surrounding its delivery and its meaning. Therefore, we will tell you seven things you should know about promise ringswhich will allow you to have a clearer idea about these.

What is a promise ring?

The promise rings they have become a very common way for couples, friends and family members to show their commitment and love to each other. These are used as a reminder of the promises they have made to each other. Many tend to believe that promise rings they only occur between couples, and this is not true.

These rings can be exchanged between parents and children, between friends and can even be given as a gift to oneself. For someone who is religious, a promise ring can be worn as a promise to God.

1. Meaning and purpose of promise rings

A promise ring can mean something different to each person, both the one who gives it and the one who receives it. Unlike an engagement ring and wedding ring which have a specific meaning and purpose. The promise rings they can have many meanings.

Generally, it is a symbol of commitment. Its meaning will depend solely on the people involved and what the person who delivers it wants to represent. This is where its importance and value lies.

What exactly does the ring symbolize?

Although its meaning depends on those involved. The main purpose of the exchange promise rings it’s a compromise of some kind. This can vary from couple to couple. It can symbolize love, fidelity, loyalty, monogamy, chastity, abstinence, friendship, and prior commitment. It can also be thought of as a very personal purpose ring, with a unique meaning for the giver and receiver.

2. The difference between promise and engagement rings

As we already mentioned, engagement rings have a specific purpose, they are given when the couple is sure that they want to get married and settle down. Instead, a promise ring is ideal for a couple that is not yet at that stage. For many it is like a kind of pre-engagement ring. That is, it is for a couple who wants to get engaged but is not thinking about getting married yet.

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3. The delivery of the promise ring

While traditionally an engagement ring is given by the man to the woman, promise rings do not follow such rules. Sometimes couples decide together and buy the ring or rings. It is perfectly acceptable and normal for a woman to be the one to give the ring to the man.

4. The finger that promise rings are usually worn on

There is no hard and fast rule on what it should be used on. Many couples use their promise rings on the ring finger of the left hand (the one with the wedding ring). Once they are engaged to be married, they often wear the ring on another finger, such as the ring finger of the right hand or the middle finger. So when buying your promise ring you should consider whether it can be easily resized, in case you plan to wear it on a different finger in the future.

Sometimes people mistake a promise ring for an engagement ring if it is worn on the left ring finger. To avoid this confusion and the need for an explanation, it can be used on the ring finger of the right hand from the start.

5. Other ways to wear promise rings

Some people prefer to wear their ring on a silver or gold chain as a pendant. In this way, the ring would not be confused with an engagement ring. It can also be used as a charm on a bracelet, if it is a small ring. The important thing with promise rings It’s not how or where it’s worn, but what it symbolizes, unlike engagement and wedding rings.

6. Men can wear these rings

Of course! As we said before, sometimes a woman may want to take the initiative and make a promise to her partner. In this case, she would give the man the promise ring- the same way a man would give an engagement ring to her partner. The promise ringsquite unlike engagement rings, they do not have rules that establish that it is only for use by women, that is, they must be the ones who receive it and wear them.

A man can wear a promise ring for the same reasons a woman wears one. As a symbol of friendship, as a sign of celibacy and as a promise to themselves or their parents. The only significant difference would be in the appearance of the ring itself. A promise ring for a woman is usually small and dainty, with or without sparkling stones, while a man’s is usually a thicker band with a masculine design.

7. There are no rules for promise rings.

As we have repeatedly mentioned, there are no strict rules when it comes to promise rings And that’s great! The most important thing is that the one who gives it and the one who receives it are on the same page with respect to the ring and what it symbolizes. You must be clear that this will be unique for each couple. The type of ring you choose, whether it be matching rings, engraved names or birthstone rings, wooden rings, knotted rings, among many other options, will completely and utterly depend on the person, adapting to their purpose and personalities.

a clarification

The promise rings they are not the same as purity rings. A promise ring is a symbol of commitment, which varies from person to person. Whereas, a purity ring is a ring that is worn exclusively to symbolize the commitment to remain celibate until marriage.

Many popular young celebrities wore it at one stage in their life, making them become fashionable. Worn in this way, the purity ring is a reminder of a promise to yourself, God, or parents to remain chaste or pure until married.