Minerals, like any living being, are full of energy, which give them specific properties and/or qualities that human beings can enjoy or take advantage of according to our needs. This is how we have wonderful energy sources that many times we do not know or do not want to take advantage of, either due to ignorance or because they are not part of our beliefs. However, we must tell you that precious or semi-precious stones are living beings like man, plants and animals, that do not move, but that capture and transmit energy.

In this order of ideas, we have selected a wonderful stone such as amethyst, to describe the great properties and benefits of this beautiful crystal of the quartz family, because its use can positively influence many aspects of your lives.

The amethyst is characterized by having a violet color, which can vary its tonality, presenting dark or light tones, according to the amount of iron that the gem contains, since it is a quartz of magmatic origin and is therefore found in places where iron oxide abounds, which is why it presents such striking violet tones.

Now, if something characterizes amethyst, it is undoubtedly that ability to reinforce positivity in our lives, managing to cause favorable effects in each person, such as: transforming attitudes and behaviors, softening or resolving negative situations and experiences, to achieve much more harmonious, calm and cheerful environments.

On the other hand, this gem that is so recognized and used in fabulous jewelry has a dual functionality, because it can act not only on the physical body but also on the mental body of that modern woman, who must work and take care of the home, who She faces many things at the same time, which make her thinking very active, stressing her and sometimes throwing her day out of balance.

So, when an amethyst is acquired, certain details must be considered, since, depending on its tonality, it fulfills a certain function, so when the tone is darker its effects are observed in the physical part of the body, but when the quartz It presents lighter tones, its effect is more energetic or emotional, acting on the mental body. Likewise, the tips and their structure in general must be checked, which must be well formed, to ensure that they are of good quality.

Let us remember that as women we dream of having a life as stable as possible, in which family love is essential, so we want to fulfill our roles as a person, couple, mother and daughter, in the best way, which is why we seek the necessary tools to do so, hence the importance of incorporating magical stones such as amethyst into our lives that help us find emotional stability, making our thoughts open, creative and above all constructive, in favor of a state of well-being favorable for all.

As if that were not enough, this wonderful stone will help us to regulate and stimulate the production of hormones, to relieve the annoying pain of menstruation, to reduce muscle pain throughout the body, in order to fill us with energy, with high self-esteem, which will facilitate decision-making and in general facilitate our daily development.

An important and basic aspect for the emotional health of couple relationships is the calming effect it provides us, making our level of jealousy decrease, increasing our esteem by feeling more attractive, which could have a direct impact on the increase in libido sexual, essential to maintain a harmonious relationship and full of love. To achieve these effects, it is recommended to place it for at least 10 minutes a day in direct contact with the skin, and if you have jewelry with this stone, it would be ideal for you to wear it as long as you can.

That is why the amethyst has been considered since ancient times as one of the stones with the greatest energetic and spiritual properties, so its healing power is not only present in the body but also in the soul of women, and its violet color it represents the transmutation of the negative into the positive, since its vibration favors inner growth, providing tranquility, calm and peace in daily concerns, in our attitudes and behaviors, and providing wisdom in decision-making.

Therefore, it is not necessary to think about it much to acquire an amethyst, because it will bring positive energies to the environment, providing fundamental inner strength to channel ourselves on the right path to achieve our achievements and goals, strengthening above all the spirit, which will make the soul evolve.

A fundamental element in our lives and in the achievement of our objectives and goals is «planning», and this transmuting gem favors the planning of thought, favoring the flow of new ideas, as well as the ability to organize and understand the cause effect. -effect, essential to better understand situations and give them the level of importance they really have.

This ability to transmute gives it a place of honor in meditation processes, because it helps us breathe properly and relax, increasing intuition, memory and, above all, understanding of our surroundings.

So, if we use this stone at least 10 minutes a day, placing it in the center of our head, which represents the crown chakra, we would be stimulating the pineal and pituitary glands, which favors our mental clarity and the strengthening of our neurons, that allow our thinking to be much more clear and focused, in order to control the mental flow and optimize our organization and daily planning, effectively coordinating everything related to family, partner and work, which significantly reduces stress .

A custom or recurring habit in many women is to fill ourselves with repetitive thoughts that absorb our energy day by day, filling us with fears and insecurities, which is minimized and/or controlled if an amethyst is carried, since this stone has the ability to encourage increased self-confidence.

Now, to achieve the aforementioned benefits, we are going to recommend the use of three amethyst stones, which must be placed in the following way: one on the forehead, one on the heart and the last one on the belly, for about 10 minutes or so. more if you have time and feel comfortable, trying to find a comfortable position. It is important to note that this procedure must be accompanied by repetitions of positive phrases that increase self-esteem, mental clarity and planning within the life project.

In this way, the levels of self-esteem rise, for which it is required that there is a balance between what is thought, what is said and what is done, so we must promote the balance between the mind, the emotions and our soul. , relaxing our nervous system and reducing the anxiety produced by the pace of life we ​​lead.

In addition, to achieve these objectives, a simple exercise can be carried out, which consists of carrying three small amethysts in your pocket throughout the day to touch them when needed, in everyday situations that generate concern or stress, since they cause a chemical effect by touching them constantly that makes the body and mind relax.

On the other hand, it is advisable to carry out daily meditations of 10 minutes or more, promoting a suitable environment with the use of incense and relaxing music, placing amethysts in different parts of the body to release tension, fatigue and daily stress.

Turning now to the physical properties of this stone, we must say that there are many, but it mainly acts as a hormonal regulator, in addition to reinforcing the intestinal flora and regulating the intestine, strengthening the respiratory system, the reproductive system and the immune system, increasing defenses body, relieves rheumatic pain, decreases pain in menstruation, reduces pain and frequency of migraines, solves skin problems, positively influences the nervous system, reducing stress.

Taking into account the list of physical benefits that amethyst brings, we are going to delve into the treatment that can be applied to some conditions through gem therapy, and that is based on the use of minerals to heal both the body, the mind and the spirit, considering that each mineral has properties that act on the body, and if we place them directly in it, a greater well-being in the quality of life could be achieved.

Let’s start with the famous migraines that affect so many women in the world; that constant headache that drives us crazy, is directly related to the first chakra or crown chakra, for which it is recommended to place two crystals for 10 minutes or more, one in the center of the head, between the two cerebral hemispheres, and the other below the nape or neck.

Intestinal pain or menstruation: to relieve these annoying pains, amethyst should be rubbed for at least 10 minutes in the area of ​​​​the belly and the second chakra, giving circular movements in a clockwise direction, in addition to placing it for 20 minutes daily , between the pubic area and the navel

Rheumatic pain: to relieve these pains, amethyst should be placed in the part of the body where the pain is located, and perform a gentle massage, doing repetitions of about 10 minutes daily during the days that are considered necessary.

To finish, we are going to recommend that you clean your stones, because they can be charged with negative ions, which can break them or become unbalanced, limiting their functions and their healing power. It is recommended to carry out this procedure approximately every two months, preferably exposing it for three days to the full or crescent moon, never to sunlight. In addition, it can be cleaned with a cold infusion of mint, pennyroyal or sea water, or by burying it next to a plant for a couple of weeks.