It is necessary that in order to make our dreams come true, we put into practice both wanting and doing. Passion must go hand in hand with the determination to want to fulfill such ideals and to be able to make them our own as soon as possible. However, many of us only retain one of these two virtues, when the union of one and the other is essential to be able to carry out these objectives. For this reason, today you will discover a wonderful gem that will help you reveal those skills of determination necessary to make everything possible that you propose.

Jade has been the gem to which the greatest number of esoteric and healing properties have been attributed compared to other precious stones, in addition to having a diversity of colors. Red jade is synonymous with passion; It is the active and stimulating stone of the mineral world, with it you can release all those pressures and ties that prevent you from moving forward.

Red jade bestows energy and vitality that will fuel your determination to realize your ideals. Likewise, through this mineral portal you will be able to have total control of your warmest emotions such as: anger, love and lust, maintaining an adequate proportion of these within your being and strengthening your mental faculties. It will also drive all kinds of toxic thoughts and bad vibes away from you.

Given its intense red color, the rock contains a large amount of iron oxide. Its constitution makes it a unique stone among its group, and it is placed within the variety of gems of the jadeite class. This stone can be found in Russia, the Middle East, the United States and Italy.

Jade is a warrior stone by nature. And its blood red color represents the struggle and courage to defend and take ownership of what should be one’s own. For this reason it is advisable to carry with you an accessory of this type, whether it is earrings, rings or a choker, to make the most of the benefits it will bring to your life,

It is good to remember that the color of the gem will choose each person and not vice versa; because that choice will refine your soul and your inner self in the face of the challenges that every human being must face in their day to day. Hence the importance of this thousand-year-old earthly treasure.