Geishas are mystical characters in Japanese culturetheir outfits or clothing cause great furor worldwide and it seems that these thin women, dressed in kimonos, will never go out of style and are also considered a reference by most females.

It is said that the geishas replaced the figure of the Samurai warriors in the ancient Japanese culture, after 400 years their beauty and style still convince millions of followers who are fascinated by the aspects of these women. His most important presentation can be seen every year at the «Gion Festival»where thousands of geishas show their splendor to all Japanese or visitors who seek to delight in such beauty.

In Japan there is the name system «kenban», which recognizes geisha as artists, protecting them from these women being associated with any act of prostitution. In the past, geisha lived in Hanamachi or Flower City, but currently only five communities house geisha in Japan.

Now it is important to know that in the past many prostitutes sought to pass themselves off as geishasthat is why for the image and protection of the same, they were forced to moderate their clothing and makeup in order to make a difference.

After a bit of Geisha history, we must know what are the main elements of their clothing and makeup that make them so striking in the eyes of the general public. To start, the geishas dress in discreet, inconspicuous and sober kimonos, without patterns or in some extreme cases, not very colorful patterns, as a sign of a lot of experience in their culture.

These kimonos are made of silk and their color and model vary depending on the season of the year. Normally a geisha has more than 30 different kimonos in her wardrobe, which are usually gray, beige or blue, wearing a white collar and a pink bottom band.

Among the accessories used by geishas in their costumes is the Obi, which is a belt that runs from the lower part of the chest to the abdomen, its function is purely decorative and serves to maintain a correct posture. In the case of the socks called «Tabis», they are always white with separation between the fingers to make wearing the sandals called «Hakimono» more comfortable, of which there are various models and different colors.

The geishas also use a bag in the shape of a bucket, which is called «Ozshiki-Kago» of totally discreet colors. While the umbrella that is normally a point of reference when talking about these women, is called «Kasa», and they are made of silk and bamboo, being pink.

It is truly exciting to talk about Japanese culture and geishas, ​​there is a lot of information regarding their clothing and customs that fascinate women.