In astrology when talking about oppositions in signs, refers to an antagonistic confrontation between two energiesthe interesting thing is that these 180° opposite energies can complement each other to achieve a balance of forces, although they are considered difficult to change.

The signs Aries and Libra represent the opposition between fire and air, each in their own way remains in a constant search for company, because they do not like to be alone, their polarity will be towards their inner self; Aries is governed by the God of war, being brave and risky, while Libra is guided by the Goddess of love, sweet and refined; so this opposition is proof that the opposite poles attract each other, they are so different that they fit perfectly, in the game of seduction both will weave their webs independently and without noticing it they will surrender to each other.

In the case of Taurus and Scorpio personify the opposition of Earth and WaterTo achieve a balance between the two, the first step is to recognize each of the points that separate them and focus on their positive values ​​that will make them grow and strengthen their relationship; Scorpio is the most sexual sign and Taurus the most sensual, so imagine the bedtime stories and moments of passion between these two.

The chemistry between Gemini and Sagittarius is irresistible, from the first time their eyes meet, magic blooms; at a party they are the liveliest couple, Gemini being the funniest, a great speaker and joke teller, he needs to be constantly motivated and Sagittarius is the most optimistic and energetic, transmitting euphoria to the group around him; in love and friendship they are usually a good pair, Gemini teaches Sagittarius not to take life too seriously and Sagittarius induces Gemini to free himself from his fears to venture into the unknown.

When they are together Leo and Aquarius often live extreme passionsif they don’t love each other they will hate each other; they find it difficult to change their minds and they always want others to revolve around their view of life; their concepts to achieve their goals are different but they feed each other when their lives coincide because they are both idealistic and their desire to excel does not end; they are good lovers and know how to be friends and companions, together there will be no obstacle that they cannot face, with successful results.

Virgo and Pisces are black and white, right off the bat they may be radically different, but they need each other, they both share their helpful and compassionate spirit, they collaborate and support their friends unconditionally; Virgo shows Pisces reality by keeping its feet firmly on the ground, encouraging it to be responsible and mature, while Pisces makes Virgo recognize the beauty of life in the simplest things, together they tend to be very romantic.