Many objects are carriers of energy and attract good luck. This popular belief that dates back thousands of years, has been attributed to certain elements that have powers and properties capable of bringing triumphs to our lives and homes.

Keep in mind what these powerful pieces with extraordinary qualities are, so that you always have them at home and they become part of your life to attract good omens.

The bell: the metal bell should not be missing in your home. It attracts wealth and is an object of good luck. Inside it you must place money, coins, a jewel or simply the desire to prosper written on a piece of paper. Every day it should be rung three times to call for abundance.

Buddha: a smiling buddha brings riches, prosperity and money to those who have it; also good sense of humor. In addition, the happy Buddha represents a symbol of prosperity, joy and fertility in homes.

Tortoise: having turtles as pets or in figures attracts good luck. This animal represents the symbol of longevity, health, stability, balance and fortune. The turtle carrying its young on its back symbolizes the new opportunities that will be presented to us in the future.

elephants: if it has its trunk up, much better for good omens. This figure is known almost all over the world as an amulet of well-being and good fortune; especially if it is placed in the entrance hall facing inward to welcome wealth and prosperity.

Wrench: If you want fortune and good luck to smile on you, a key is the best item. In ancient Rome it was a consecrated amulet and they associated that the keys opened the doors of love, helping to overcome obstacles. Having a bunch of keys means that the paths to happiness, wealth and prosperity will open.

horse shoes: They consider it a very powerful object to activate prosperity. The horseshoe should be hung behind the door with the ends facing up and should have seven holes, as this is the esoteric number associated with good omens.

Fishes: For Buddhists, the goldfish is one of the eight sacred symbols of the Buddha and they are considered talismans of wealth and good luck. Goldfish figures are also auspicious to have at home or in business, not only for positive energy, but also because they protect us from bad luck and misfortune.

golden cat: this figure is used to promote wealth, prosperity and luck; It is very common to find this piece at the entrance of many Asian culture establishments, in order to attract customers. However, this famous cat can be placed in any visible part of your home.

With these energetic objects you can create a positive atmosphere and harmonize your environment to invite bad luck into your home. So welcome the positive energies!