The master builder or number 22 is considered to be of very high vibration. spiritual and those who carry this special number, are people of marked evolution with an old soul who have passed the first nine numerical scales. Likewise, they have a life marked by great lessons of work, effort and responsibility.

In general, people with a master number must understand the importance of these, in the path of their lives, since they are highly spiritual. So, if you add the full date of your birth: day, month, year and add 22, then numerology tells you that this master vibration will take you towards activities where you will have to develop idealism, spirituality and cooperation in order to achieve the superior energy of this number.

Now, considered as the most influential number of all, the builder has the greatest chance of turning dreams into reality, is efficient and can handle large projects; In addition to having a high understanding and a great facility for knowledge and its transmission, an aspect that will lead you to success.; In short, with the number 22 you will be characterized by high ideals, plans and goals to achieve, since you will have potential as a leader, builder, politician, businessman and organizer.

Likewise, inner strength, discipline and a cool head will be the key when facing problems where the proposed solutions will always be unique and successful. Other aspects of the 22 is that they consider themselves hard-working, honest people who love freedom of expression, independence and truth. For them, communication and the spontaneous collaboration of others are important and highly taken into account.

When people positively express the vibration of this number, they can reach prominent positions in all fields, as well as overcome great obstacles, since there is nothing and no one to stop them, due to the powerful personality they develop. Likewise, his great ambition and strength will be in order in material achievements, with an altruistic sense and as a builder he will be able to build the world he wants around him, with a vision of the future that will allow him to open new paths in different aspects, for himself and others, becoming a source of inspiration.

On the other hand, the master numbers are high vibrations that will periodically test those who carry them and therefore they will be faced with problems and moral dilemmas that they must solve with great intuition and strength. If they manage to be successful, living according to these elevated precepts, they will have taken a high step in their inner evolution.

Finally, these people have the mission of building with their feet on the ground, keeping their thoughts directed towards the improvements that can be achieved for the benefit of all and their spirit oriented towards the heights. They are people who leave traces in humanity due to their great experience and knowledge acquired throughout their lives, they are also the builders of the world and therefore the world is their home.