Makeup lovers now have the new silisponge to make the most of your beauty allies. From foundation to priming and highlighting creams, with the new ‘Silisponge’ you won’t miss a single application.

But what is the ‘Silisponge’? Much like a silicone implant, ‘Silisponge’ is a new makeup sponge made by an Asian beauty products firm. It has gone viral as the substitute for traditional foam sponges.

You’ll save money, you’ll save time, and you’ll save a lot of makeup.. The popularity of ‘Silisponge’ has already been catapulted thanks to the most important vloggers on the web, who have given it a well-deserved presentation and test in some of their tutorials.

“This sponge that should not be missing in your bag is made so as not to absorb too much mixture and that the product is easier to spread on the skin of the face, since it does not dry out so easily. In addition, it guarantees that there are no stains or marks when applying the base”, assures Carina Angulo.

Although in 2016 she took her first steps in the world of cosmetology, 2017 is seen as a path of success for ‘Silisponge’ by becoming an ally of beauty and hygiene, because, unlike foam, the ‘Silisponge’ does not absorb or keep within itself the makeup already used or remains of dead skin.

The ‘Silisponge’ is made of silicone and a flexible TPU plastic.

Ergonomically designed, transparent in colour, with a flat and slippery surface, the ‘Silisponge’ is highly resistant to oil and grease. The ‘Silisponge’ was designed with the aim of better spreading makeup, preventing it from absorbing the product within itself, as well as the person needing to use their hands to apply it. That is, you use the amount of base that the face deserves, getting as little dirty as possible.

But these are not the only advantages of ‘Silisponge’. According to the same vloggers who have tried it, this new beauty essential allows makeup to better adhere to the face, and after using it, it is only necessary to wash it with warm water and soap.

Regarding the savings in cosmetics that ‘Silisponge’ promises, its defenders assure that at least half of the product will last much longer. And what about the price? In the market, the prices of the ‘Silisponge’ are around 10 euros. Its disadvantage is that the ‘Silisponge’ is out of stock after in some countries it only lasted three days. For now, the Hong Kong-based firm has reported that new ‘Silisponge’ will be available in January.

A piece of advice from professionals is that, after using the ‘Silisponge’ with the makeup base, a ‘blender’ brush is used to improve the final result. Even so, the ‘Silisponge’ remains well above the traditional sponges that have been on the market for years.