Wednesday, January 13, 2016. In the Latin country Mexicolies the mysterious and macabre “Island of the Dolls“; It is located in the Xochimilco canals where you can see dark broken and damaged dolls, with various styles and countless colors around the entire island. Julian Santana, was the former owner of the area for over 50 years and is responsible for this crazy situation; as he believed that the dolls were protecting the spirit of a young girl drowned years ago.

The legend of this curious place speaks about a girl who died drowned between the lilies of the channel, and her body was found on the shores of the island of Santana. Since then, he began to experience many situations that he couldn’t find any explanation; because he heard a woman voice, he felt footsteps, objects being moved; with lots of fear of his own home from him, he came up with the idea of ​​putting dolls that he found in the trash or in Cuemanco’s channelsto drive away the soul of the girl.

“The Chinampa” islands, became known in the fifties; time when Julian hung countless dolls for his protection of him and preached the Bible frequently in the neighborhood of the Assumption, until he got expelled from the area by the locals. Over time, visitors who passed near the island; began to feel intrigued by seeing dolls everywhere, but the place had not yet become a tourist site; until Santana saw the curiosity of people, and allowed the entry of young people to the “Island of the Dolls”.

Since then, many visitors who came, used to donate a doll as a symbol of gratitude; making Julian’s collection bigger, and multiplying the protection against the evil spirits that haunted him. Moreover, the dolls have been considered an amulet for good luck; as the locals claimed that they have helped to improve their crops. However, Santana died in the same way and in the same place as the young girl in 2001.

Today, the island still has its thousands of dolls and a small museum where you can see some items, such as local newspapers about their history and Julian Santana. Also, there are three rooms; but only one appears to have been used as a bedroom, finding there the first doll that he had collected under the name Santana Augustinite; to be found on August 28, day of San Agustin.

Many visitors have placed offerings around the doll, in order to have some miracle by them or being fill them with blessings; others have preferred to change her clothes and make maintenance as a form of worship. The amazing “Island of the Dolls” is a half hour from the Port of Cuemanco.