Sharing the mysterious energy of the sexual act is equivalent to intertwining all our spiritual force with the aural impetus of another person; therefore, you should be careful where this is concerned. A sporadic relationship can have serious consequences, leaving traces of that energy if our spirit joined at that moment, with a negative soul, or that was overloaded with multiple contrary forces; the more we get involved with it, the more we are at risk of burdening ourselves with those powerful bonds.

When you are irresistibly attracted to someone, but being intimate feels like an emotional rejection, it means that you could find yourself facing one of these cases; Therefore, you must pay attention to these signs to avoid contaminating your aura with bad energies. If you are intimate with a person who has sexual relations with several people, your body, soul and mind will be dirty with things that have been left in the matter of that being with whom you have shared that moment.

Surely you will feel that unhealthy power that enters your emotions, filling you with a lot of uncertainty; although he can satisfy her body, in her soul he will feel a great dissatisfaction, leaving him with deep sorrow. The best thing that can happen to your life is to share that sublime fact with someone who fills, first of all, your spirit. and that, after the sexual act, you feel at peace with your conscience.

Our energy field shakes when we are in contact with these dark forces. So, it is preferable that you avoid that unpleasant experience; because when we have a sexual act, there is a psychic fusion surrounding the natural magnetism that we possess.

Having relationships with caring, loving, positive people and with a soul that overflows with kindness, extraordinary energy will be attracted to you, raising his spirit far above his difficulties. The opposite happens if he maintains relationships with those who are selfish, spiteful, mean, hateful, negative and pessimistic; since their spirit will completely repel all positive energy, seizing the curses that distinguish them as such.

People who are married have absorbed the energy of their partners, for this reason, if you go to bed with one of them, consequently, that power will be immediately linked to yours. Which means that we can compare this action with the contagion of any sexual disease, also transmitted with the sexual act; many times, that positive energy is a prisoner of the other being in the moment, without our being able to avoid it.

The low vibrations of all the good that lived within us are not reflected. It is necessary to look for a solution, the most suitable is to bathe with sea salts, which will remove all the filth collected by means of that circumstance; Also, it is opportune to immerse directly in sea water.

Focusing on leading a correct life, not allowing the force of the spirit to be dirty, our defense system in psychic energy will create a barrier. That protection destroys the evil forces, easily recognizing them. On the “YouTube” channel “Frances Fox Reveals”, the psychic makes recommendations about “sexual engagement”.