The mysteries and tragedies in fashion They are also part of the catwalks, fashion, fame and fortune are not the only protagonists, because in some cases the eccentric life brings its consequences. Let’s find out below which are the ones that have had the most impact and where designers and high-profile personalities have been involved in the world of fashion.

Since the designer Paul Poiret innovated the world of fashion by freeing women from the famous and uncomfortable corset, the way has been opened for a large group of designers who have acquired fame and immense fortunes, some of them with eccentric lives and with tragic endings. . An ending perhaps not tragic, but regrettable was that of Poiret himself, who after achieving success and a great fortune, died poor and unsuccessful.

But other celebrities had more shocking and tragic endings, which left a wave of mysteries and tragedies in fashion, such as the case of the American designer L’Wren Scott, when she was found dead hanging from a scarf tied around her neck in her Manhattan apartment. After the autopsy, the coroners ruled that it was a suicide.

Likewise, there have been several famous designers who have shocked the world after dying violently and surprisingly. One of these cases is from what happened on January 8, 2013, when the Spanish designer Manuel Mota, famous for his wedding dresses, was found dead in the bathroom of an outpatient clinic in Sitges, Barcelona, ​​emerging the thesis according to the investigations, that the designer had committed suicide with a knife.

However, the tragic and shocking conditions in which his body was found, immediately led to the suspicion that it was a murder; But some time later, three letters were found addressed to his partner, his family and the police, which confirmed that it was he himself who took his own life.

For his part, Lee Alexander McQueen, one of the most prominent designers in the United Kingdom, decided to take his own life on February 11, 2010 at the age of 41, consuming a combination of sleeping pills, tranquilizers and cocaine, to later hang himself in his London apartment. The investigations carried out confirmed that he suffered from depression, insomnia and anxiety, a situation that he had been going through for some time and that worsened with the death of his mother.

Another highly publicized and mediatic case was that of Gianni Versace, 51 years old. This designer was murdered on July 15, 1997 in front of his house in Miami, when a young man approached him and shot him in the neck before entering his residence.

It should be noted that Versace’s death was one of the most mediatic of the 90s, impacting not only the fashion sector but the entire world. Many hypotheses arose to try to explain the crime of this famous designer, from the fact that it was commissioned by the Calabrian mafia, to the fact that it was an armed robbery. However, the most widely accepted is the one that points to Andrew Cunanan as being responsible for the shot that took his life, the product of his obsession with the designer.

Another tragic death in the world of fashion is that of designer Vittorio Missoni, which was filled with mystery considering that his remains were never found. Thus, since January 4, 2013 the plane in which he was traveling together with his partner and some friends in Venezuela disappeared, only the bodies of his companions were found. For this reason, he is considered one of the greatest mysteries and tragedies in fashion international.

For its part, the case of Isabella Blow fashion editor and muse of Philip Treacy and Alexander Mcqueen who died in 2007. It was known that she suffered from ovarian cancer, which caused a deep depression, which is presumed led her to remove life.

Also, one of the founders of the Gucci brand, Maurizio Gucci (1948-1995), was shot going up the stairs of his office, finding after investigations that his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani had been the author of the murder. The woman told the police that she had done it in order to prevent her from marrying her new love.

One more case of mysteries and tragedies in fashion, was that of the famous Christian Dior, who died at the age of 52, whose cause of death still remains a mystery today. Currently some maintain that he could have drowned with a fishbone, and others claim that he had a heart attack while having sex with two men in his bed. Arguments have woven a halo of mystery and speculation about his tragic end.

The case of the young and beautiful Ruslana Korshunova, who took her own life in 2008, also made headlines around the world and became one of the mysteries and tragedies in fashion. The model who paraded for major firms in the industry and was the star of Nina Ricci’s ads was launched from the ninth floor of her apartment in New York shortly before her 21st birthday.

According to some testimonies, this death could have been avoided, due to the messages that she herself published in depressive states, where she stated that she was a witch, that her previous relationships did not work out because she was unpredictable. In addition, the beautiful model was associated with the Moscow cult group Rosa del Mundo, some newspapers even speculated that her death had something to do with the Russian mafia. It should be noted that a year after her death, her best friend Anastasia Drozdova took her own life in the same way.

An unfortunate and surprising event is related to the death of Gianpaolo Tarabini, co-founder of the Blumarine fashion company. This famous within the world of fashion died in 2006 at the age of 67 in Zimbabwe, after being attacked by two elephants while hunting.

Another famous designer who apparently met his death at the hands of his lovers was Rudolph Moshammer, a German designer, better known as «the fashion czar». Who was the darling of German gossip magazines, and was always something to talk about, but the eccentricity of this 64-year-old designer was extinguished, when he was strangled with a telephone cable on January 14, 2005 in his own house in Munich , ruling out suicide, so the hypothesis of a possible «homosexual background murder» gained strength.

Similar circumstances had the death of the designer Ossie Clark, found dead in his London apartment on August 6, 1996. This British designer was one of the most important of the 60s and 70s, standing out for his Rolling Stone designs and her flowing and romantic chiffon dresses. Clark had a very tragic death, when his young 28-year-old ex-lover, named Diego Cogolato, suffered a psychotic episode and stabbed him repeatedly until he was dead.

Surely all of these mysteries and tragedies in fashion they are framed in a set of evidence and situations of conflicts, traumas, depressions caused by various factors. The truth is that the more fame one has, the greater the risks of falling into this type of circumstance, especially if people are not centered and/or balanced, showing affective, emotional and/or spiritual needs; as it happens in any other area of ​​modern society, but that have greater relevance in the world of celebrities.