the most vengeful signs of the zodiac are presented with certain basic characteristics of their personality. These lead them to act on many occasions, in a strong way. Taking revenge on those who, according to them, have hurt them, or wanted to affect them for some reason. The moment we are born, astrologically, determine our actions. Among them is revenge, and in some signs it can manifest itself more than in others.

It is important to clarify that despite some signs are being considered as vengeful, this may vary, depending on the experience of each person. We must also note that this is an assessment according to the characteristics of each sign. It does not mean that all the people of those signs have that behaviour.

What are the most vengeful signs?


If we see the negative side of this sign, we could say that it is one of the quintessential vengeful signs of the zodiac. Because they have one of the most self-centered personalities of all signs. If they go to extremes, they can behave like the true vain, and conceited tyrants you have ever met. As they say in popular slang, they never want to lose one, they think they all know it, and they always want things to be done in their way.

So Leonines believe that no one can challenge them, and if you do, prepare yourself, because they will surely come against you. Try not to push them to extremes. But, just as they can be very vengeful, if you look for the return and do not contradict them so much, they can lower the guard and minimize their revenge, but they will never forget.


This is another of the zodiac’s vengeful signs. Surely you have encountered more than one Scorpio who, feeling hurt, has a hard time calming down. If they are alone for a long time, they will surely be watching how to make their revenge work. If they are accompanied, they will look for a way to be followed in their revenge. They plan it in little detail, and even if they do not act right away, rest assured, they will wait for the right time to do it. They are experts in acting at the precise moment that is required, in which their performance will weigh more.


Our quiet and familiar Cancer is one of the zodiac’s vengeful signs. They do not know how to forgive when they feel very hurt, when someone has betrayed them. They act after they have designed their plans very well. With great intelligence and caution, so that their “victim” does not find out about their plans and can protect themselves before they act. In this way, when someone hurts Cancer, they usually respond immediately. They take revenge and those conflicts are with them for a long time, even if they say that they have already overcome it.


They are considered to be the most fantasy people in the zodiac. But, they can also be the most spiteful, when they feel hurt or when someone hurts them. In addition to this, they never forget what happened, making it one of the vengeful signs. They hold negative thoughts towards people that affect them in some way and can make life impossible for them.


Taurus is among the most loyal and faithful signs of the zodiac. Usually it is a very quiet sign. But, if they feel hurt and betrayed, they can transform into the very opposite. Their stubbornness leads them to be one of the zodiac’s vengeful signs. When they are upset, the idea of ​​revenge gets into their heads, and nobody can take away their reason. In addition, their rancour does not allow them to forget, and they continue with their plans to take revenge until the end.


It is the most detailed sign of the zodiac, even to get revenge. vengeful signs that uses various methods to act against those who add concerns to their lives, and which affect their family and social environment. So if it is about hurting a Virgo, you must prepare to endure the onslaught he or she will do against you. This revenge will be prepared in great detail, as they usually do

They are so detailed that before acting against you, they have already studied all the details of your life, your actions, your words, your past and your present; all of this in order to point out where they should do it, and that when they shoot, the effect is the most devastating possible, so that they can catch and ridicule their enemy, and for you to repent of what you did to them.


They are the most discreet, balanced zodiac people, and they do not mess with anyone. But, if someone wants to harm them, revenge is one of the tools they will have in their hands. With his analytical and methodical mind, they will surely plan something very forceful, which will greatly affect their attacker.

So if you know the positive side of a Capricorn, you will enjoy the most loyal friendship of the zodiac. But, if you make them angry or hurt their pride, you will see how the popular philosophy of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” applies. This will happen if they are brought to an extreme level of anger. Because, in general, they reflect and do not act drastically, but seek communication.


Due to the multiple personalities that they present, they make them one of the vengeful signs of the zodiac; Although they are considered very sociable and friendly, when someone hurts them and treats them badly, they can transform very quickly into very revengeful people, who do not forget, even if you promise them that you will be the best person for them…, they do not easily believe in promises.