everyone can be the most toxic signs of the zodiac; but that will depend on how evolved the person is, although zodiacally speaking there are signs that have a greater tendency to be toxic, due to their personality, attitudes and behaviors that they generally assume in certain situations.

But, we also clarify that a person of the sign considered more toxic, if they are spiritually evolved, can become the most bearable and calm person; or on the contrary, a person of a non-toxic sign could become the most stressful and complicated, if they are not evolved. However, below, we are going to present you which are the most toxic signs according to general trends:

1. Scorpio: This sign takes the gold medal as the most toxic of the zodiac. In general, those born under the sign of Scorpio are usually negative and selfish in the face of complicated and stressful situations; and when they are nervous, they behave cruelly and hurt without giving a damn.

On the other hand, they are so changeable that their behavior and attitudes can turn 180 degrees in just a moment, making it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with people of this sign. However, we must say that they are loyal and strong; and if you find the key to lead them, they can become excellent partners.

2. Cancer: The second of the most toxic signs is Cancer, they can really become very complicated and vengeful, in situations that they do not control, since they have wonderful abilities for revenge, showing a dark side with a lot of power; which is usually manifested through black humor, doing everything possible to coldly hurt, moving with evil and managing to magnify the discussions.

Those born under this sign are the masters to express hurtful things, they use their intelligence to hurt without mercy, making others feel bad.

3. Pisces: People born under the sign of Pisces have earned the third place among the most toxic signs of the zodiac; and it is generally said that they become bipolar, showing themselves to be really unpredictable; you never know how they will react to a conflict situation; taking out all their evil when they don’t like something, showing their spiteful side very hard.

Very often Pisceans get angry in situations of any kind, and they can be like that for a long time, but in addition to that, they do not look for a way to solve it, they prefer to live with their resentment, than to seek reconciliation with those who are involved in the problem. . Therefore, with them there are two alternatives, accept them as they are or get away from them, if you do not want to live next to one of the most toxic signs of the zodiac.

4. Aries: This sign earned a place on the list, due to its strong character and temperament; that when faced with complicated situations, it provokes his anger, and he is easily overcome by nervous breakdowns, making them explode at the first change.

Without a doubt, these people become really complicated and stressful; without many reasons; they are spoiled, rebellious and with an unpleasant and hurtful behavior, being able to hurt the sensitivity of those who love them. However, when they calm down they usually repent and are able to ask for forgiveness; but the damage is done and therefore, they go on to swell the ranking of the most toxic signs of the zodiac.

5. Sagittarius: Despite the fact that those born under this sign are calm, patient and pleasant, we should not trust them, and for a reason we have placed them in fifth place among the most toxic signs; because they have a rather dark side, which they use when their convenience requires it; coming to show cold, calculating and vindictive.

However, despite the fact that they tend to distance themselves from the people with whom they have had problems, if their anger is very great, they come to look for ways to affect them in other ways, it can be through contacts with other people, through comments and gossip, making sure his enemies have a rough time; so we recommend you not to make a Sagittarius angry.

6. Taurus: The people of this sign are considered the most stubborn and obstinate, and if you want to see them brave, you just have to contradict them, they are out of control when they are not right, and they do whatever it takes to annoy those who do not agree. agree with them. One of their main defects is that they never admit their mistakes, even though internally they know that they are not right.

They are always willing to do anything, as long as they are right; and this leads them to have strong arguments, being irritable and complicated, reasons enough for them to be in sixth place among the most toxic signs.

7. Leo: The people of the sign of Leo, in general, are very changeable, like Taurus, they cannot be contradicted, since by nature they are very authoritarian; so they do not like to be below others, becoming arrogant, spoiled and unbearable, with airs of superiority, that is why they become dictatorial leaders.

If in a conflict situation, someone makes them see their mistakes; They already write him down on the black list, as one of their enemies and traitors, and little by little they put together their strategies to make their lives impossible; seeking to harm them at all costs. Without a doubt, aspects that must be taken into account in order not to fall into the nets of one of the most toxic signs of the zodiac.

You already know them, so you already know who to defend yourself from and who to keep healthy distances from, so that they don’t consume your energy and joy.