When we talk about the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, we refer not only to those who show their feelings, are affectionate and give love, but also take into account the ability to control their emotions, the way things are taken, because very sensitive people can maximize the situations, and give them more importance than they deserve, affecting their mood, and they could even fall into depression. We think that all the signs have their sensitive side, but obviously the most sensitive of the entire zodiac wheel are the following:

Pisces: Among the most sensitive signs, Pisces takes the biggest prize, with a great advantage, they express their feelings and emotions spontaneously, without feeling ashamed; and they consider it as a value that they possess, as a strength that brings them closer to their peers; being very affectionate in family relationships, couples and socially they are very kind; detailed and emotional.

However, when they exceed their level of sensitivity, they are usually victims of states of anxiety and depression, which take away a lot of energy, which overshadows that magic and charisma they possess, since they can be unbalanced and toxic in relationships; and when they feel that they are not taken into account or are not reciprocated, they have a hard time getting back on track to achieve their spiritual well-being. These are reasons enough for them to lead the list of the most sensitive signs.

Sagittarius: People born between November 23 and December 22; They are characterized by being governed by their simplicity, their lightness and by following noble ideals, as well as being very free, adventurous, enthusiastic and optimistic. This is due to their high level of sensitivity, which places them in second place among the most sensitive signs; quality that gives them the ability to transmit positivity and hope to their peers. On the other hand, this level of sensitivity prepares them to achieve wisdom through love, always maintaining their nobility.

But, if he betrays himself by hurting his sensitivity, a Sagittarius will become one of the most sensitive signs from a negative point of view, since he will become stubborn, proud, spoiled and can even become violent.

Pound: The harmonious and friendly Libra is the third of the most sensitive signs, and they win everyone over with their sociability, sense of humor and generosity. People of this zodiac sign open their hearts to others, are charitable, and find a place for everyone; although sometimes their sense of justice can be affected, when it comes to their loved ones, they cannot be objective, and being one of the most sensitive signs, they can exaggerate and not see things as they are, so that they can become very unfair to other people, for defending their own.

Virgo: Their creativity, ability to socialize and be the most detailed, is due to the fact that they are among the most sensitive signs. When they use their sensitivity from positivity, they can become so splendid and kind that they have no competition; but if that sensitivity touches the negative side, they become the most nervous, critical and obstinate; everything annoys them and they are offended by nothing; resorting to crying to feel like victims.

Scorpio: Those born between October 24 and November 22 are passionate people in what they do, becoming the most revolutionary of all the signs, because they are one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. They usually have crazy thoughts, full of creativity and become extremely sensitive, but just as they love madly, they also hate madly. And when they feel disappointed, or worse yet, betrayed, their empathy hits the ground, showing a level of frustration, which can complicate situations; to the point that they are blind and intransigent. Without a doubt, a clear example that the most sensitive signs can show their darkest face.

Cancer: The last of our list of the most sensitive signs is the fraternal Cancer, ruled by power, will and maternal inheritance, which makes them not only sensitive, but with a maternalistic or paternalistic spirit, without competition in the zodiacal wheel. Their level of sensitivity makes them born leaders, concerned about their peers, but they are very sensitive when they are deceived or lied to.

That same maternalistic spirit of Cancer makes them adopt people, and they become very sensitive and suffer if they fail or betray them, becoming very spiteful beings if they push them to their limits.

In short, any of these signs can be the most sensitive, including other signs such as Aries, Aquarius or Gemini, or the least sensitive such as Leo, Capricorn or Taurus, since this depends on the evolutionary level of each person. that determines their emotional, mental and spiritual balance, being able to present cases in which a Capricorn becomes more sensitive than a Piscean, so when we deal with this subject, we always clarify that it is only about tendencies, as well as when we refer to the most selfish, the calmest or most generous, and so on.