Although we live in the present, phrases about jewelry have remained indelible throughout history. Also, today, the words used in the past can continue to define the reality of the impressive world of jewelry.

Jewelry will remain an interesting and attractive edition for all women; it is difficult to imagine today’s fashion world without the brilliance of diamonds, and all kinds of decorative accessories. That is why today we want to share a small group of the most impressive phrases about jewelry, which remain immortal.

One of the most famous and impressive famous phrases belongs to the woman that many wanted to have; however, she wanted the diamonds: Marilyn Monroe: «Diamonds are a woman’s best friend.» She proved on several occasions to be fond of and a lover of jewels; especially diamonds; In addition, she enjoyed the pleasure of wearing valuable pieces on loan from the most prestigious jewelers of the time.

He helped promote diamond jewelry through his appearances in the public sphere; She thus became a true ambassador of the beauty, «glamor» and elegance of diamonds around the world.

It is impressive that Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry was recognized as one of the most important collections ever assembled. The Hollywood star was a huge fan of jewelry. The actress herself said on some occasion she felt jealous and passionate guardian of her jewelry. Her garments produced in her a pure happiness; she loved wearing them and sharing her magical powers with others as a source of joy and excitement. Here is his famous phrase: «Big women need big diamonds.»

On the other hand, the actress auctioned in 2002 a platinum ring with an octagonal emerald cut emerald of approximately 7.4 «ct», to benefit the Elizabeth Taylor Foundation against AIDS. In a letter addressed to the new owners, He wrote a phrase that was immortalized: «Wear this jewel with love!».

«A jewel has the power to be that little thing that can make you feel unique.» These words were expressed by Jennie Kwon, who is currently one of the most important and prestigious designers in the world of jewelry. She comments, «When I was younger I was completely crazy about jewelry.»

We cannot fail to mention the accredited and distinguished Frenchwoman, creator of the Chanel brand. Coco Chanel is one of the most important international designers and her love for jewelry is really impressive; from there comes one of his most famous phrasesin which she tries to reinforce the beauty of a woman through a jewel: “A woman needs strings and strings of pearls”.

In short, all women, whether famous or not, will always be great admirers of jewelry. Not only because of its attractive shine, essential to highlight your charms, but also because none can resist the spell of a beautiful jewel.