The most healing stones can be used in alternative medicine as an option to complement the health and achieve the well-being of people, learn about gem therapy or crystal therapy and learn about the healing properties of some stones that Mother Nature offers, these stones accumulated all the energies of the universe for millions of years in the process of formation of our planet.

Crystals, minerals and gemstones have been used by various cultures to heal and improve physical, emotional and spiritual balance, the crowns of kings have always been made with stone inlays to enhance the upper chakras. (sf)

A physicist named Nikola Tesla who was an assistant to Thomas Edison wrote the following, “Crystals and stones have been used for thousands of years because they have healing powers, and many ancient cultures believed in it as a normal thing, a fact. nature of life. At present, we know that all things in the universe are forms of energy with their own vibration, including crystals”, in addition to commenting that “in a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and Although we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nevertheless a living being.”

The ancient Egyptians buried their dead with quartz on their foreheads to serve as a guide and find the way to the afterlife; High Egyptian priests used lapis lazuli for healing purposes, healers wrapped lapis lazuli in powder and swallowed it to prevent gallstones. The Egyptians also used lapis lazuli to prevent drowsiness and melancholy. or fever, as well as an ingredient for eyewash, it was also sprayed to neutralize poisons.

For Chinese culture since ancient times it was considered that there was a kind of healing symbiosis between a jade ornament and its wearer, the belief was maintained that when a jade ornament was worn on the body, the immanent spirit of the stone joined the flow of its wearer’s energy. Therefore, the use of jade was an immediate recommendation for anyone who manifested an unhealthy external appearance. (nd)

At present, gem therapy as a form of holistic healing attributes healing properties to stones, among the best known are the ruby ​​that favors blood circulation; emerald regenerates cells and normalizes blood pressure; malachite is the queen stone of this type of healing therapies, it balances the body as a whole, regularizes the menstrual cycle, favors the proper functioning of the liver and pancreas; jade acts favorably in suffering from migraine, flu and neuralgiain addition to being positive in the processes of childbirth.

Nothing can replace the effect of a medical treatment, it must be taken into account that the possible effects of the stones and their body on the body are merely complementary and alternative, but there are things that will remain a mystery.