All the pieces of jewelry in the world have had great stories, but they will always exist the most famous jewels in the world, for the footprints they have marked in their footsteps; For this reason, in the next few lines, some of those relics of international fame will be let you know:

It will begin by remembering the beautiful diamond «Taylor-Burton»which tells a great love story, since this diamond was from the actress elizabeth taylor who was a lover of diamonds and, for this reason, her partner at the time, Richard Burton, had decided to buy her one of the most expensive gemstones in the world of Cartierin the year 1969. Initially, Burton wanted to place the diamond in a ring, but, thanks to its exorbitant size, he had to do it in a necklace.

Another of those majestic jewels has been the ring of Lady Di Middletonwhich is a beautiful and great blue sapphire of about 18 carats, which is Surrounded by fourteen diamonds, all of this is mounted on a white gold base; This majesty of jewelry fame is worth half a million dollars; Charles of Wales had the audacity to give it to his beautiful Diana Spencer as an engagement ring in 1981. Currently, this has become the engagement ring of the beloved wife of Diana’s son, named Guillermo.

Elizabeth II’s crown jewels have always been something to talk aboutbut, one of her most precious pieces of jewelry has been the “Godman Necklace”, because it was a beautiful gift from the famous sisters dun cannwhose father named Frederick Ducann Godman, I had bought it in Bavaria in the year 1890 as a gift for your beloved daughters. already in the year 1965, the eldest of the Dun Cann sisters had given the information that the beautiful necklace could have been from Empress Josephine of France and could be of great interest to the Queen of England, thus deciding to give it to the beautiful Elizabeth.

Among the most famous jewels in the world, there are also amazing easter eggs «Faberge», which were the greatest whim of the tsars; have become known by this name after their creator, the Russian goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergewho produced a 69 pieces between the years 1885 and 1917; At present, some have been preserved 61 eggs of this kind around the world. Faberge He had the opportunity to make his first Easter egg for Alexander III, who would offer it as a gift to his beloved wife, Tsarina Maria Fyodovna, who loved the present.

There are many other jewels that have become famous, such as Catherine the Great’s 200-carat diamond, which I mounted on the Imperial Scepter. There is no doubt that these pieces have marked the history of the world thanks to their aristocratic births and the emotional value added over time.