There are many jewelers who have passed through the extensive history of this world, many have left marks that remain over time, or given the impetus to large companies that are still in operation today. Below we will show you several of the best known names in this industry and what their contributions to the world of jewelry have been.

When we talk about the most famous jewelers in the world, it is impossible to ignore the name of charles lewis tiffany, this man was born on February 15, 1812 in a town in the United States. In the year 1837 he moved to New York with a capital of 1000 dollars that had been left to him, with that he opened a small store where he sold umbrellas, crockery and glassware.

After the secession war, thanks to the low prices of precious stones, he began to manufacture jewelry, with which he began to have the most famous millionaires in the country as clients and thus his capital increased in an impressive way. When he died in February 1902, he left his heirs a fortune of $35 million, and an exclusive world-renowned brand. Tiffany and his workshops made jewelry for great figures of the time such as Queen Victoria. Louis Francois Cartier: This was one of the most famous jewelers, but he appeared ten years after Tiffany, he was the founder of the House of Cartier, but the truth was that his son and three grandchildren carried this name to what is known today.

A Brazilian aviator named Alberto Santos Dumont told his friend louis cartier As uncomfortable as it was to fly an airplane with a pocket watch, Cartier took up this challenge and created a practical wristwatch that was not only a success for Dumont, but for many of Cartier’s clients. In 1899 Cartier is located on Rue de La Paix, one of the wealthiest places in Paris, where he opens his way to Russia, the United States and England, making one of the most famous brands of the time.

Sotirio Bulgari: It was not until 1884 when he opened a silver shop in Rome, since then his firm has had a long journey. This jewelery has been a pioneer in mixing jewels, it is credited with being the first to use emeralds, rubies and diamonds in one piece. It has always been on a steady advance when the jewelry market is believed to be stagnant. His competition is accused of stealing and imitating designs, such as those of the rings and necklaces that are claimed to have been the most copied in history.

These famous jewelers have revolutionized the world of jewelry, their surnames have become the most expensive and famous brands of jewelry. Which of these is your favorite?