Do you want to know what are the most evil signs of the zodiac, those who act more coldly, with suspicion, resentment and much anger? The level of stubbornness and pride is what generally distinguishes these signs, considered as the most Machiavellian, who love to be right and dominate the people with whom they establish direct links. But, let’s get to know a little about the level of evil of each of these signs.

1- Scorpio: At the top of the list of the most evil signs of the zodiac is Scorpio, who unluckily pull out their claws with all their power, showing themselves uncompromising to the extreme and not caring about anything. They do not think twice about harming a person, if they have had a problem with them, they only care about achieving their goal, they act without measuring the consequences, and they may know internally that they are not right, but they will never regret what they did and will never ask for forgiveness.

When a Scorpio is in his moments of anger, he takes out all his mistrust, and his high level of resentment, and if we talk about the love field, he maximizes his jealousy, which makes him sick. His revenges of him could become historical, the kind that is never forgotten; so it is better to have them as friends; they are very good.

2- Cancer: The familiar member and suffered cancer, can become one of the most evil signs, but especially revengeful, so we must be very careful not to offend or hurt him. It could be said that the case of cancer is curious, because they are generally very noble and generous, but they have a very dark side, which can cause chaos around them. If they hurt him a lot, that vindictive and spiteful animal wakes up that makes him explode.

Something if we are sure, that despite being one of the most evil signs, cancer people are not aggressive, but they can sink their enemies, with the right words, since they have a born ability for that, and there they focus their attack plan , and it usually works very well for them.

3- Libra: The third among the most evil signs is Libra, who presents himself as the dead mosquito, and his dark side hides it behind his sweet face, gentle and sociable character, but when they hurt him, he becomes a true demon, who can burn and destroy everything around him.

A Libra person who is in an extreme situation, accumulates all his anger and unleashes it, devising a good plan to attack his opponent, he becomes the villain of the novel, because they love a well-armed drama, so don’t make them mad, and try to make peace with them for good.

4- Pisces: The fourth of the most evil signs, can turn the lives of your opponents into hell; and despite appearing very calm and sensitive, they can show such a degree of imbalance, that they focus on the most negative, to sharpen their nails and attack from spite and evil. But, they will do it from the victim plan, as the most affected, they can even cry tears of tears, to manipulate the situation and make themselves look like the good guys in the movie.

Above all, they need to regain the feeling of victory and dominance, be the center of attention, so do not hurt their susceptibility, because it can complicate their lives a lot, since it will have them there at the foot of the canyon, waiting for any carelessness to attack them.

5- Gemini: This is one of the most evil signs, because they have the ability to show two faces very easily, and go from being the most sociable to showing themselves as the most evil, spiteful and calculating of all, in a matter of seconds.

The duality of this sign is a double-edged sword, without a doubt that seeing a negative Gemini gives the opportunity to know the exterminating poison that they carry inside, they act stealthily like snakes, injecting the most lethal venom that has been seen in the face of the earth; so we should not get carried away by that beautiful side, and observe very well, before doing something against them; because we could regret a lot.

6- Aries: Having a problem with an angry and injured Aries will make our world tremble, because their level of irritability will make them think, say and do very bad things. Therefore, this sign closes our list of the most evil signs of the zodiac, since it shows its worst face, when it is taken out of its boxes and anger dominates it, being able to attack, especially verbally, humiliate and threaten. However, one point in his favor is that he repents very quickly; but many times, it is too late and the damage is done.

We must clarify that this list is based on the general trends of these signs, so, according to the evolution of each person, the level of evil they may present in certain situations will depend. Suddenly we can find a Scorpio who is the most generous and is never evil, or one of the signs not mentioned, such as Taurus, Capricorn or Aquarius, who are the devil made person.