The meaning of gemstone colors

It is possible that many of us do not take into account the meaning of the colors of precious stones, although beyond their value this is usually the main characteristic by which we choose a jewel. But, although this is a decision based on our preferences and tastes, each color has a meaning that is difficult for us to ignore.

In fact, color is believed to have a subtle and instantaneous impact on our mood and energy as it transmits vibrations that interact with our chakras. So it is normal that we feel attracted to certain gems according to our mood. Although here the truth is that each gemstone symbolizes certain specific traits and characteristics and that symbolism is based on its color.

Therefore, when choosing you may be able to think more about your selection for each day if you understand the symbolism. Discover below the meaning of the colors of gemstones and we assure you that you will have a different perspective of the gemstones that your jewelry has.


Gemstones symbolize courage, strength, love and passion. The energy that emanates from the red gemstone greatly affects many people, which is why it becomes more popular colors than others.

Among the benefits attributed to red gemstones we have: improves energy, improves self-confidence, protects from the influence of evil spirits and nightmares, helps to sleep soundly, eliminates intelligence and increases Courage. Some examples of red gemstones are: garnet, ruby, sapphire, beryl, tourmaline, red jasper.


The meaning of pink gemstones is sweetness, love and affection, but this color also symbolizes feminine energy. Pink gemstones appear in a variety of colors. From pink, fuchsia, pink, mauve and others. Examples of pink gemstones include: rose quartz, pink sapphire, tourmaline, spinel, garnet.


Green is the color of plants, so it is not surprising that the meaning of green gemstones is abundance and growth. Due to their symbolism, these stones are wonderful to help us connect with the earth and the energy of nature.

The energy emitted by a green colored gemstone can attract wealth, luck and money to its owner. Green gems increase the growth and regularity necessary for all changes in everyday life.

The color green is believed to stabilize the mind and increase good. Benefits of Green Gemstones: Able to control emotions, Being able to help someone in need of change and growth, Can help the mind to be more creative, Relieves anxiety, fear and depression. Green gemstone example: emerald, jade, peridot, tourmaline, agate, aventurine.


Blue is beautiful and expansive, it is a color that symbolizes the sky and the ocean. Blue is said to be the color of inspiration and the color of spirituality. It is a calming color that is closely associated with tranquility.

Among the benefits attributed to blue gemstones: Increases tranquility that feels peaceful, safe and secure Increases the power of intuition Increases spiritual awareness It is more powerful May relieve panic Helps sleep better Blue gemstone color example: blue sapphire, apatite, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, tanzanite.


Purple is the color that can attract people’s attention. It is a color of nobles who had stable estates, mystery, self-esteem, high aspirations, and tranquility. Purple gemstone benefits are clearing your mind, overcoming depression, increasing authority, providing a bright idea, creating relaxation by reducing redundant activities, enhancing supernatural abilities. Purple gemstone example: spinel, pink diamond, tourmaline, morganite.


Brown is a natural color that brings comfort and tranquility. The benefits of the brown color of gemstones are; improve stability, radiate warmth, increase confidence in decision making. Brown gemstone example: tiger’s eye, agate, jasper, amber, zircon, sapphire.


The color black correlates with balance, wealth, grounding, and cleansing of negative emotions and energy. Black gemstones are believed to enhance the ability to earn more income, enhance work-related persistence, and can stand up to all odds.

Black stones help dispel our fears and promote a sense of physical and emotional security. They are often used as a kind of «shield» against negative vibrations, so if you need heavy-duty spiritual protection or are dealing with stressful situations, opt for a black crystal. Some examples of black gemstones are: black onyx, black pearl and sapphire.


The white color symbolizes purity, obedience and peace. White gemstone color meaning maintains a healthy body, increases harmony and increases confidence. Examples of white gemstones: diamond, white pearl, sapphire, moonstone, agate.


The yellow gemstone symbolizes the happiness and masculinity of a man. The meanings of the color of the yellow gemstone are: strengthen the vitality of men, strengthen health, increase self-confidence. Examples of yellow gemstones are: citrine, topaz, yellow sapphire, cat’s eyes.


Orange, known as the color of power, brings great strength and strength to the wearer. Orange gemstones are associated with everything related to creativity, enthusiasm and sexuality. An orange colored gemstone, it is a must for those seeking an energy boost as it is believed to work wonders thanks to its incredible healing properties. Examples of orange gemstones include andesine, citrine, imperial topaz, moonstone, sapphire, tourmaline, and zirconia.