Friday, December 18, 2015. One of the stranger stories and melancholic about human deformities, it is that of Edward Mordake; heir to one of England’s noble titles called «the devilish head»; for it had an additional face on the back of its head.

He lived in complete isolation, even denying visits from members of his own family, and committed suicide at the age of 23. It is fairly certain that he was the son of the Countess of Darlington in England, and that his position, together with his physical condition; He added the hatred and contempt of the community.

Edward was a knowledgeable young man, a profound scholar and a musician of rare ability. His figure was remarkable for his grace and his face. He had two faces, one completely healthy; and another on the back of the neck with the face of a girl.

Beautiful as a dream, horrible as a demon; it was the female face that occupied a small portion of the back of the skull and exhibited signs of malignant intelligence, since he had seen her smile and sneer while Mordake was crying. Her eyes followed the viewer’s movements, and her lips sputtered endlessly and even he claimed that he couldn’t rest at night because of his hateful whispers. devil twinas he called her.

Edward claimed that his twin’s imagination could conceive terrible temptations, considering that due to some unforgiven wickedness of his ancestors he was linked to this demon. He begged his doctors and pleaded with them to crush his human appearance, even if it meant his death as well. Ultimately, Edward Mordake committed suicide; him leaving a letter in which he asked to have the face of the demon destroyed before burying him.

The history of Edward Mordake dates back to the year 1895. From a medical point of view, it would be what is known as craniopagus parasiticus, which happens when a head of a parasitic twin with an undeveloped body is attached to the head of a formed twin. The other theory is that he had diprosopus, a disorder that causes parts of the face to be duplicated on the head. It is rare, but today it happens to some people and there is even evidence that it also occurs in animals.

Recently, one of the cases is that of Chang Tzu Ping; who became famous in the 1980s after traveling from a Chinese town to the US to have the second face of him removed. Ping had a complete mouth with teeth, remnants of a scalp, and undeveloped eyes; as well as the ears and nose. The surgery was a success and Ping has a normal life in his hometown.