In the spiritual world there are amulets and talismans to which special virtues are attributed and one of them is the fig or hand of the goddess. This is an amulet originating from the Iberian Peninsula, although over time it has spread throughout the world, being also known by other names, such as black hand, powerful hand, figa or puñera.

The magic and symbolism of the fig are very extensive, but originally it is a piece that represents the hand of the Primeval Mother Goddess, protector of the Iberian Peninsula. The fig is identified thanks to its shape of a fisted hand with the thumb inside the index finger, as a sign of fighting against the lurking evil.

In the field of protection, it is considered that this fig works to ward off the evil eye, envy, jealousy and illnesses from the environment where its energy is invoked. Interestingly, in homes the fig shows signs of the role it plays, that is, by absorbing all the negative energy of a place, it breaks by itself, and must be replaced by a new one; therefore, it is always recommended to purchase one made of a breakable material.

In addition to being used in homes, fig is frequently used by children and women. In the specific case of Spain and some Latin American countries, the ritual of placing a hanging fig on newborns as a protection amulet against the evil eye is still practiced. When used as a pendant, the fig is usually designed in jet or silver and should not be exposed over clothing, but should be left in contact with the skin.

A very important ritual linked to the use of the fig is related to its cleaning. Before using it for the first time, it is recommended to place it under a tap of running water, then place it on a little sea salt and a quartz for three full moon days to discharge the energies, which it received before reaching its owner.

Some applications of the fig in history are evidenced in Ancient Egypt, where the hand was used to ward off snakes. For its part, in Anatolia it had sexual connotations, since according to these interpretations the thumb wrapped between the fingers represents the penis inside the vaginal lips.

Likewise, other very similar objects exist among Muslims and among Jews. The former protect themselves from evil with the hand of Fatima, while the latter cling to the hand of Myiam. Despite the different versions of the fig, they have in common the fact that they are not related to any dark or evil aspect.

The use of the fig as a protection amulet dates back to the oldest civilizations and today the belief in it is as strong as in those times.