the lines of the hands They say a lot about you, your personality and your future. These lines are modified over the years and according to the decisions made. Each of them has a different meaning and changes in them indicate a series of events. Reading the lines on the hands is called palmistry.

The Line of life indicates the vital force in general, health and regenerative energy, as well as the ability to overcome diseases and events of destiny. It is related to the family and the house. The more marked and longer it is, the better your health and vitality will be, therefore you will have a longer life expectancy.

The heart line It refers to the ability to love, to show affection, feelings and sexuality. It is related to the physical heart as well as the kidneys and the circulatory system.

If the heart line is strong, it indicates that the person is lucky in love and their romantic relationships will be happy. If it does not have interruptions and is long, absolute fidelity can be expected from the couple.

The longer the heart line, the more controlled by feelings the person will be. If you have islands or splinters, they indicate that relationships will be changing, difficult and prone to disappointment.

Mental abilities are associated with head line. Aspects such as intelligence, concentration, ego, talents, judgment and thoughts are related to this line. It also symbolizes what is related to the head, the brain, the eyes and the teeth.

It can be said that a person is intelligent if the line of the head is deep and well drawn. If it is weak, clear or very short, it indicates that the person has very limited mental abilities.

The fate line indicates the effects of events on society or on your life. If it is deep, it means that you will be a person subject to your destiny due to external situations.

The mars line symbolizes the extra life energy you have and the support of close people or spirit guides. Some people do not have the Mars line.

The love line or marriage, indicates the number of serious relationships you will have in your life and the proximity of the little finger indicates approximately when these relationships will occur, marking the middle between the finger and the heart line, 30 years.

The sun line is another that not all people possess. If she appears in her hand, she is a lucky person, with success, fame and admiration; while if he lacks it he will have to work. This line is found in people who are very lucky in life, who have success, fame and admiration. If you don’t have it, you will have to work harder to achieve success.

the so-called sex line It is related to marriage and stable unions. If there are several, it indicates that there will be more than one marriage. If it is straight and visible, you will have a good marriage. If it looks like a chain, they mean discussions, while if it is interrupted, it symbolizes divorce.