Along the history, many have been the legends, myths and mysteries that have arisen around the world, and among them the stories about lost continents, have occupied a special place in the imagination of millions of people since very remote times, and still today.

Not only because they would have been inhabited by technologically advanced civilizations, but also because it is said they could have been the cradle of humanity. But, in addition to the curious fact of sharing the same fate, sinking to the bottom of the sea after great cataclysms, which would end up annihilating their civilizations and erasing almost everything, the supposed trace of their existence. He finds out below what they are:

Atlantis: Its first references appeared in the dialogues of Timaeus and Critias, written by the Greek philosopher Plato. In them their civilization is described as part of one of the largest and most powerful kingdoms of antiquity, due to its armies, scientific advances and its large population.

According to Plato’s references, this continent and the Atlantic Ocean would receive their names in honor of Atlas, eldest son of Clito and the god Poseidon, so it could be thought that it existed there, however so far no one has managed to locate the exact place. where he was.

Mu: supposedly it was located in the Pacific Ocean and with a territory that extended from east to west, from the Marianas to Easter Island; and from north to south, from Hawaii to Mangaia. Its legend arose from Augustus le Plongeon, who after investigating Mayan ruins in Yucatan and translating his codices, would have discovered the history of this great continent and its ancient civilization; from which according to him came the Mayan and Egyptian civilizations.

Nevertheless, the Mu continent would become known thanks to James Churchward, who would write a series of books with his story, between 1926 and 1931, based on ancient writings found in a temple in India and which he would have translated. In them, he argued that humanity would have its origin in Mu more than 200 million years ago and that their civilization had great knowledge such as manipulating gravity.

Lemuria: This continent could be located between the Indian Ocean and part of the Pacific Ocean, it owes its name to the ancient family of lemurs, as an explanation of the English zoologist Philip Sclater in the 19th century, to the presence of these small mammals in India and South from Africa. Although with the acceptance of the tectonic plate theoryby the scientific community, the hypothesis about Lemuria would lose force.

Nevertheless, at the end of the 19th century, the occultist Elena Blavatsky would take the Lemuria theory much further, incorporating it into his secret doctrine as the home of the third root race. A super-evolved race of beings capable of living without a brain thanks to the powers provided by their third eye, although cruel disputes would have led to their destruction; but other theories suggest it was after a great flood.

Although until now no one has offered conclusive evidence about the existence of these three continents or their exact location, their legends will survive until proven otherwise. Although it is possible that if they existed and were found, in them perhaps we can find the answers to many aspects of ancient history that are still unknown to man.