For some time now, the use of a mystical accessory, full of magic and secrets, which hides a great story, has become very fashionable. That’s why today we want to tell you the legend of the famous dream catchersan object that when obtained will fill you with all those good vibes.

This amulet is handmade and is made up of a wooden ring, which inside has a network intertwined with other elements, commonly feathers and their main function is to protect the wearer from evil dreamsthus filtering the good ones, transforming them into positive energies.

The dream catcher was initially created by the tribe ojibwanative to North America, who in the 1960s began to market said object, thus causing discontent in the other tribes because by spreading it the important meaning that this guard would lose, and they were not wrong, nowadays everyone wants to have it as a simple ornamentwithout knowing its cultural essence.

There are several versions about the origin of this valuable objectIn the first place we have the legend of the Lakotas, a North American tribe, where an old spiritual leader had a vision, in which the master of wisdom, Iktomi, appeared to him in the form of a spider and began to speak to him, weaving a web in an old piece of willow wood.

The teacher told the leader about the circles of life, from being a baby, through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age, closing the circle again. Likewise, he spoke about the experiences that are lived during these processes, both good and bad. By the end the spider, showed the leader how good ideas are trapped in the webwhile the bad ones go through the hole in the center.

After this, the old man told the vision to his people so they the Indians decided to use this net to protect themselves during their liveshanging the amulet above their beds and in various places in their homes, thus warding off all the bad things in their lives and forging a better future.

Another legend of dreamcatchers, is the one that counts as a spider woman called Asibikaashi cared for the people of the landthis woman cared for all the individuals in the world, bending over the cribs and children’s beds weaving a fine, delicate and strong web that was capable of trapping all evil between its threads, disappearing any trace of it at dawn.

When his people were scattered across North America, he could not continue the protection, so the mothers and grandmothers of all the children began to weave their own webs with magical properties, thus trapping bad dreams and nightmares that could affect their little ones. It is not known which of these stories is true, what you must have for sure is that you must faithfully believe in your powersbecause otherwise it won’t work.