The human body has many erogenous zones, however there are some less known than others, which certainly causes the same pleasure or more when compared to the other areas you already know. For this reason, today we will talk about those parts of the body that will make you and your partner have a totally enjoyable sexual encounter.

First, we’d like to remind you that erogenous zones are all those parts of the body with nerve endings that when stimulated result in great sexual excitement and even an orgasm, therefore, they are not limited only to the sexual or genital organs, but include many other parts of the body as well.

In this sense, we can name some that you might have forgotten to touch on your partner, among them is the scalp, which you can do a soft massage with circular movementsthis will help release tensions and of course, enter a state of total relaxation that you can use to move to another phase of sexual intercourse.

Another less well-known erogenous zone is the nose, it does sound a bit weird, but this part of the body has so many nerve endings that it can provide you with spectacular pleasure. Kisses, and bites in the area will ignite your partner’s libido and preliminary games will be much more intense.

likewise, the lips become a perfect ally to ignite the passion, this area is 100% linked to sex. It is the most exposed part of the body and has more sensitivity than any other part, even more than the fingers. By using your lips to turn your partner on, you will also be stimulating yourself.

Similarly, armpits cannot be ignored. They are a hidden area and not many people know how much pleasure they can provide. However, it is very sensitive and will ignite your body to take action. Start kissing under your partner’s arms.

The eyes! It’s not like you’re going to kiss your partner’s eyes, but you should be smart and stimulate your partner through the eyes, that is, watching your partner can be exciting, but it will depend on your creativity to cause this reaction. You cannot forget that the greater the eye contact between two people, the greater and deeper their intimacy.

Similarly, the spine could play an important role during sex, because the back is a large erogenous zone, and so is the spine. For this reason, you cannot refuse to ask your partner to make a kissing path from the neck to where your spine ends and pleasure will be extreme.

Finally, we can name ankles, an erogenous zone not so well known that is considered a center of pleasure, touching them creates more seduction than anything in women. This is why we recommend you dare to explore other parts of the body, we guarantee that you will not regret it.