The largest gems in the world are the remarkable example of how difficult it is to find a precious stone. And even more, of large dimensions like the ones we have presented in the first part of this list. Gems so fascinating that they seem unreal and that undoubtedly attract the attention of the whole world.

Therefore, whether you are a lover of gems or just someone curious to know a little about them. You will surely want to know which are the largest gems that have been found in the world. So join us and find out below.

7. The 125 West Ruby, one of the largest rubies

With a weight of 3.7 kilos or 18,696 carats certified by the Institute of Gemmology of the United States. This one-of-a-kind specimen is one of the largest rough rubies ever found. A title that it holds for a long time next to another stone from Myanmar weighing 21,450 carats or 4,290 kilograms.

8. The Olimpic Australis Opal, one of the largest gems of its kind

Australia is known in the gemstone arena as the home of opals. And in 1956 one of the opals that would give rise to this nickname, the Olimpic Australis, would be found. Found in the “Eight Miles” mining camp in the town of Coober pedy.

It was mined about 9 meters from the surface and thanks to its 17,000 carats, 28 centimeters long and 11 high, it is still among the largest gems in the world. It should be noted that for a time it was the largest opal in the world, but this record was broken later. Although for its quality this opal is still the most valuable. Valued at approximately $2.5 million

9. The Chaiyo Ruby, the world’s largest uncut ruby

With an approximate value of 448 million dollars, this enormous stone of 109,000 carats has a history full of mystery behind it. What is known is that it was found in a mine in South Asia, although the exact location where it was mined is subject to debate. Well, both Myanmar and Thailand dispute the ownership of this gem.

Moreover, it has been the subject of claims that it is a synthetic gem created by the Burmese. But the mystery does not stop there, because its current whereabouts are unknown. What little is known is that it disappeared in the early 2000s, and may be in a safe deposit box in Laos.

However, some rumors suggest that it was stolen from its original owners by members of the Myanmar army.

10. The Pearl of Lao Tzu, one of the greatest gems

Also known as the Pearl of Lao Tze or the Pearl of Allah. It is an oyster pearl of 6.4 kilograms and 24 centimeters in diameter, which gets its name from its particular shape. Since it resembles a man with a beard and a turban, it was believed to be a representation of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

For its part, the name Pearl of Lao Tzu or pearl of Lao Tsu, is due to a story associated with its origin. According to which, it is said that this would be the requested pearl of Lao Tzu, cultivated inside a clam 2,500 years ago. By Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism and who lived in the 6th century BC.

However, it is not considered as a gemstone pearl, rather it is a kind of “oyster pearl” or “Tridacna pearl” from a giant oyster. Although despite this it was valued in 2003 for 93 million dollars.

The Pearl of Allah was found by a Philippine diver in 1934 on the island of Palawan, Philippines. And it was considered until 2016 as the largest pearl in the world. When it was dethroned by another 34-kilogram pearl, also found on the island of Palawan and that has not yet been baptized.

11. Empress of Uruguay, the largest amethyst in the world

In the world there are gems that seem unreal because of their size and one of them is the one that occupies the eleventh place in our count. We refer to the famous “Empress of Uruguay”. A beautiful amethyst geode measuring 3.27 meters in height and weighing two and a half tons.

As the name implies, this huge gem was mined in a Uruguayan mine and later sold for $75,000 in 2007. It is a perfect gem in every way. Well, it has thousands of beautiful crystals that were formed inside and that are rated “AA jewelery quality”. So even some people doubt that it is completely natural and that, therefore, it has been improved by man.

In addition to its characteristic deep purple color and pristine condition. It is also possible to observe some large white Calcite crystals emerging from among the Amethysts. Undoubtedly, its intense purple color and its brightness will leave those who observe it speechless.

The “Empress of Uruguay” can be admired at “The Crystal Caves Museum”, a private mineral collection located in Atherton, Australia. And that has more than 600 different types of stones that come from more than 30 countries.

12. Emerald Bahia. The largest emerald ever found?

This specimen is the largest emerald ever found in the world, with 381 kilograms and 180,000 carats. And it is also one of the largest emeralds still uncut, valued at $372 million.

It was discovered in 2001 in the Brazilian state of Bahia and also has a controversial history. Since its membership is claimed by the government of Brazil, three people and 10 companies. So currently until this dispute is resolved, it will remain in federal custody in the United States.

However, in 2005, miners in Madagascar were reported to have unearthed a 536-kilogram stone. Which is estimated to be the largest emerald on the planet.

Without a doubt, the largest gemstones are only one page in gemstone history. A story, of which there is still much to tell, because surely we will continue to hear of gems even bigger than these.