For lovers of the esoteric and magical it is very familiar to talk about the runesbut there are some people who do not even know what they are, what they mean or the message they carry implicitly, for this reason today we want to talk a little about them, specifically about the laguz rune and the inguz rune.

Viking runes are considered one of the oldest oracles in the world. Its origin dates back to very distant times, among the Nordic peoples of Europe. Warrior civilizations, who lived connected to the present, venerating nature, fertility and the gods, cultivated this way of divination and this philosophy of interpreting the world.

These carved stones help to perceive the energy of the present, the result of how past situations have been assumed, thus managing to direct that subtle energy in the construction of the future. Each rune has a meaning and a message related to the adversities of lifewith the tools that are possessed for a greater understanding and with the messages that the oracle sends to heal and return to its harmony.

There are a variety of runes, but we will begin by describing the laguz rune, whose primary meaning is «water.» Represents fluidity, ease, receptivity and the predisposition to exchange. He talks about sensitivity, intuition, the world of dreams, the true vocation, the unconscious and hunches.

Likewise, the laguz rune represents the fluids that nourish, organic growth, the green of plants, puberty and adolescence. The name of this rune is associated with the sea, the vehicle of great voyages.. In normal position, she urges him to investigate inside her so that he can clean what is tarnishing his life and reorganize his mind so that it goes better and better. In an inverted position, it warns that you are overdoing it and trying to go down a path that is not the right one.

For its part, The Inguz rune, also known as the Ingwaz and Ing runes, has a meaning clearly associated with fertility., and regeneration or new beginnings. It represents the universal need to share, the desire to find the complement, the other half not always visible, and with it the search for the similar.

It is a rune of great power that provides the strength to carry out your projects, it is necessary that you ask with faith and perseverance for what you have planned, this being your priority. If you have confusion, blockages or any imbalance, Inguz will clean up the wrongdoing and will mark the beginning of a great process of cleaning up your energies.

this rune symbolizes the influence of the cycles of the moon and, with it, calls to harmonize and adjust the sphere of personal relationships. Therefore, on the emotional or mental plane, a difficult period that you were going through can be clarified and resolved. In short, it can be said that the laguz rune and the inguz rune are very connected, although one of the differences is that the inguz does not have an inverted position, which denotes that its force is always one of development and not of involution.